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Bitcoin-qt or Multibit on Mac?

I tried Bitcoin-qt on my macbook pro but it just never seems to synch with the network. The bar at the bottom has been like at 25% for 4 days. So I switched to multibit wallet. How come multibit doesn't do all that synching business?
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Need help with old Litecoin-Qt wallet

Long story short I dipped my toes in crypto currency in 2015, but currently have no idea what I’m doing now. The recent bitcoin explosion had me going to see how much I had had (it’s not much.) Anyways I had to boot from my old MacBook Pro hard drive and when I opened my bitcoin- Qt, Litecoin-Qt, and multibit wallets they all had to synchronize and it was taking forever and I had to go to work and take my laptop. The two bitcoin ones showed no bitcoins, but I’m sure I had some. Litecoin-Qt showed a about $15 bucks worth. I backed all 3 wallets up to a flash drive to take to work. Was just wondering how I could access my litecoins either from the old wallet or from the .dat file?
Thanks in advance
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Bitcoin, software wallets, and hardware wallets

Hello. I have a few beginner questions:
If I understand it correctly, the bitcoins themselves are stored in the blockchain, which is copied numerous times throughout the Internet. What you save on your wallet is the private keys, which allows you to add and subtract bitcoins from your wallet. This is going to be the premise of all my questions.
I have Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Qt on my Mac. I made a few copies of “wallet.dat” on several flash (USB) drives. If it’s true that this file only contains your private keys, you don’t need to replace the files every time you make a transaction, right?
That also means that every time you upgrade your version of Bitcoin Qt, you have to replace the new copy of wallet.dat that the installer creates with the copy you have backed up, right?
Since the bitcoins themselves are on the Internet, that means at some point you need to go to the Internet to make the transaction. So what’s the point of having a hardware wallet like the Ledger or Trezor? (I presume all these flash drives have is your private keys) Couldn’t a malware or virus intercept your keystrokes and steal your money, even if your private keys are in the Ledger, since you have to go online at some point?
And speaking about Ledger or Trezor, wouldn’t installing BitKey or MultiBit on a USB drive do the same thing, but cheaper?
Of course, even if you have a hardware wallet, you should make multiple copies in multiple volumes, right? I work at a university and on several occasions students have lost the only copy of their entire semester’s work during finals week because their flash drive broke. They are in tears when that happens and I cannot recover their data. I keep telling students to make backups of their data on other volumes and that spinning hard disks tend to be more reliable than flash drives, and they tend not to listen. Ledger and Trezor let you do backups, right? And where would you store these backups?
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Guide for first timers

I made this for my friends and family to use. Hope this heps someone. Much help!
bitcoins first: Get a wallet - just like physical money, you need a wallet to hold the money. use multibit - for a wallet - if you want options here a few go here and download this how to backup your wallet i recommend backing it up to at least 3 separate locations. example: harddrive, usb drive, encrypted dropbox folder.
go here to buy bitcoin also known as an exchange
don't create wallet, click sign up button on top right. add bank information, and credit card info, and phone info - phone allows 2 factor authentication so your identity becomes much more difficult to fake and steal your money and information. I asked them to send me a SMS message instead of using app. this is the most reputable place to do this at. Never never use an online wallet!!!
buy some bitcoin on, and send yourself some bitcoin using your multibit wallet address(under the Request tab it shows your address there)
Now Dogecoin First get a wallet, - use the qt wallet. You can get it here for either Mac or Windows. for linux use this guide -
For a place to buy dogecoin. Use cryptsy, here is the link.
click register new account. enter your information. go to your settings, and enable 2 factor authentication, use your cell phone number, and put in the number that they send to your phone. This makes it much more secure. you will send your bitcoins here and then buy dogecoin, then send the dogecoin to your wallet on your own computer. Backup the wallet after every purchase.
Send your Dogecoin to your own wallet. backup your wallet, at least 3 times. Use USB thumb drives. FYI, This might take away, the withdraw servers are slow as of right now. Took 3 days for me.
If you have any questions ask. Also you can buy Dogecoin or Bitcoin on ebay, do that at your own risk.
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These are the reasons that stop me from holding LTC

I'd like to write down what is currently stopping me from getting into Litecoin. I'd love some feedback.

1 Litecoin-Qt is the only real wallet out there. There is no electrum. No multibit. No Armory. No No Coinbase.

2 Last time I tried to run Litecoin-Qt on my Linux machine, Litecoin ran buggy as hell. My wife can't even get it to run properly on her Mac OSX. In fact, I'd venture to say that the vast majority of Litecoins are sitting on BTC-e's servers. That's sort of like 4 years ago when everybody had their BTC on Mt. Gox.

3 While the two previous reasons can, and likely will, be resolved in the future, here's what's really stopping me from using Litecoin. Satoshi Nakamoto was a luminary. For example, he used a very obscure encryption algorithm, which no one understood why. Later, it was found that the more popular algorithm that everybody uses is actually compromised by the NSA, thanks to the Snowden leaks. So, in other words, Satoshi either got super lucky, or knew what he was doing. My point is, Satoshi chose 10 minute confirmations and SHA instead of 2.5 minute confirmations and Scrypt for a reason. It may seem arbitrary right now, but in the future he may once again be proven the genius that he is if Scrypt or 2.5 minute confirmations ever get successfully attacked. As much respect as I have for Mr. Lee, I'm putting my money on Satoshi Nakamoto.

4 I've been pumping Bitcoin to all of my friends and family and strangers for years. The thought of all of a sudden switching and telling them all to buy Litecoin would send very bad signals and make me look like I'm just a bandwagon boy, and it would likely make others around me even more skeptical in the whole cryptocurrency thing. I mean, it's been tough enough getting people set up with Bitcoin. Now to all of a sudden tell them to switch again to Litecoin would be bad news. Litecoin would have to be far superior and Bitcoin very bad for me to do something like that.

5 Any money I put into Litecoin essentially takes away from money I could be putting into Bitcoin.

6 While the idea of more decentralized mining is appealing, I'm a fan of the division of labor. Not everybody needs to be a miner. Let the ones with the greatest marginal utility do that.

7 Selling Bitcoin for $100 less on BTC-e for Litecoin seems ridiculous to me.

8 I've done plenty of buying and selling with Bitcoin, and never once has the 10 minute confirmation time been a serious issue.

There are probably more reasons for not wanting to hold Litecoin right now, even a little. I'd be happy to know your thoughts on my reasons. Thank you.
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Just starting with Bitcoin. Need insight.

Hey. I just created a Bitcoin wallet. As a Mac user, I installed the Bitcoin-Qt and the MultiBit program. Honestly I don't know the difference between them. Beside that already have an account at blockchain and Kraken. My question is, where to start? I read that mining ATM does not worth it, that's why I took a look at Kraken to trade and invest. I don't understand what the Bitcoin address at blockchain is, or how do I use it at the bitcoin-qt. So basically I'm lost. Any online manual or general explanation would be great. Thank you
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Question from a newb about local wallets.

Seems like my local wallet needs to re-assemble the local blockchain periodically. I don't do a whole lot of transactions, so I'm wondering what sort of maintenance I need to do to my local wallet so that when I want to do a transaction, I don't have to wait a day or so for the blockchain to get re-verified.
I'm using Bitcoin-QT on Mac. If there's a better option, let me know. I'm aware of MultiBit and there was a high-security version of a wallet that I'm spacing the name of. If what I'm dealing with is buggy software, I'm not married to Bitcoin-QT.
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I've been looking into how to move a balance to a paper wallet using Seems a great way to put coins into cold storage but I foolishly clicked the BIP58 option to add a password to the private key. Now I end up with a private key that starts with 6Pxxxxxxxx.xxxx When I try to import this to Bitcoin-qt or Multibit neither accept it.
I can't seem to find simple instructions on how to redeem/import a private key with BIP58... anyone able to explain how to do it?
(p.s. I really don't want to use Linux unless absolutely necessary. Happy with Mac & Win even though I know it's a security mare)
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Btc Legit Doubler Software  For win/mac Bitcoin Doubler Download the Bitcoin Wallet (subtítulos en español) Choose your Bitcoin Wallet - An in-depth review of BitcoinQT, Electrum and Multibit Poradnik #2 : Instalacja klienta Multibit Multibit vs Multibit HD Part 1: Installation

It is a good idea to be security conscious with Bitcoin software - the question to ask is: How can rogue code get to run on my machine ? If you download MultiBit from (and check its SHA256 hash and/or signature) and download the JDK from a reputable source then you know what you are running. temporary link to bitcoin-qt instead of multibit and a few minor fixes use "hybrid wallet" in the description of adapt favicon to retina high dpi displays add missing note in the download page of the french version. Loading branch information; Mac and Linux. </ li > Electrum is an open source Bitcoin wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices running Android. The software is already developed since november 2011. You can use the same Bitcoin wallet on different computers, these are then synced automatically. The software is, in contrast to Bitcoin QT, directly after start-up ready for use. Bitcoin-qt doesn't make your computer a miner. It'll take a lot of resources initializing but after its up and synced, it reduces its memory footprint to about 100MB, and disk usage to about 17GB. If you don't need the wallet features of bitcoin-qt (Armory doesn't), you can disable that part of the wallet by adding the line: disablewallet=1 1. Install Bitcoin-Qt Since version 0.9, Bitcoin-Qt was renamed to Bitcoin Core t o reduce confusion between Bitcoin-the-network and Bitcoin-the-software. Bitcoin Core is a full Bitcoin client. It is a thick client, meaning it requires the full blockchain (explained below) on local disk to operate and expose blockchain back to the network to help relay and verify transactions.

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Btc Legit Doubler Software For win/mac Bitcoin Doubler

Getting your FREE Bitcoin Cash from the Multibit HD Wallet - Duration: 10:54. Bitcoin Daytrader 4,088 views. ... BitCoin for Beginners - Mac OS Mining, Tips, Mining Software, Wallets And More ! ... In this video, I talk about a much asked question, which wallet should I get the multibit or the bitcoin core version? Well my friend in this video I will explain just that and cover ... It wouldn't sync but the solution for me was to update to the latest version of Multibit and resync. Multibit is no longer supported so its best to find a new wallet to store to store your Bitcoin ... Poradnik #2 : Instalacja klienta Multibit ----- Nasz poradnik w prosty i zrozumiały sposób przedstawi Ci wszystkie kroki potrzebne do zainstalowania klienta transakcji Multibit, oraz ... ⭐️We are happy to introduce you the newest version of Bitcoin Doubler. Our developers were working on the current project for the last 6 mounts to fix all mistakes of servers, blockchain ...

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