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51% bitcoin attack

At it’s current state what is the likelihood and probability of a 51% attack on bitcoin?
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51% bitcoin attack /r/Bitcoin

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Andreas Antonopoulos - comment on 51% Bitcoin Attack

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3.51 Bitcoins held by coinbase, asks me to verify my ID and doesn't allow me any way to do so, now asks me to contact US treasury to receive my moneyback!

Well, this is the 3rd thread I am opening here in reddit about the SAME issue.
Coinbase screwed me of my own bitcoins (that I bough from other exchanges, not CB either!) and never allowed me a way to show them they are wrong about thinking my account belongs to someone that resides in a sanctioned country.
I gave my money to coinbase for safe keeping, now they are asking me to go get it back from US Treasury department, how the hell did my money end up there ?
Someone from coinbase needs to answer me, I am contacting every department I know to get this resolved, this is the most outrageous situation I've been in since I remember what life means!
jessepollak is an active rep of coinbase who is answering all the tickets above and beyond my thread, but never answer mine.
It feels like coinbase is saying "hey, lets play with this guys life, we need to punish him because he is trying to comply".
Everyone should know how you treat your loyal customers and hopefully avoid working with you until you resolve your CURRENT customer's problems rather than accepting new ones and forgetting about us!!
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[WTS]-Looking to sell 10.35 GOD and 11.51 Bitcoin Atom

I'll take some offers. I hope someone is willing to buy both as I would like to just get rid of my forks.
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3.51 Bitcoins (~9000 USD) held by coinbase, no response, no way to verify ID, no answers on reddit!

So this is the 4th thread that I'm opening regarding this issue and my issue has not been fixed yet by coinbase.
They closed my account and put up a notice of account closure and asked me to contact [email protected] to verify my ID.
I did contact that email, received a response immediately that we do not support email contacts anymore and you need to use our support system to open a ticket, which I did.
No response since 8th of June other than one bot response and one canned answer "your issue has been sent an specialist which I got recently after I did open a complaint with US Treasury Department.
jessepolak tried to respond on reddit, got nowhere and no more answers from him, its like he as a rep from coinbase, cant find out what the issue is that resulted in my account closed and my money held!
Well, this is sort of a funny story, they closed my account and no one can determine what the issue is !
Hopefully coinbase comes to their senses soon, I'm losing patients fast.
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Tengo 51 bitcoins y quiero empezar a retirarlas. No se que hacer y tengo miedo. /r/mexico

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Bitcoin dominance = 51%. Bitcoin + Bcash dominance = 54.5%

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Bitcoin dominance = 51%. Bitcoin + Bcash dominance = 54.5%

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0.51 bitcoins prize pool for guessing which pool will mine block #365777

Which pool will mine block #366777? Place a bet and win up to x10 bitcoins! Less than 10 hours left! check us out at block777.com
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I am already 21 years old and only have 51 bitcoins. What can I do to get more? I feel bad because I know its potential, but don't have the means to get more.

What can I do? I have only 51 BTC and couple K LTC (no, not going to trade it in for BTC. I believe in both).
Are there ways to earn more BTC directly or indirectly?
I am a hoarder... I am afraid I will never be able to reach 105 BTC before it goes up even faster :( .
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[video] Bitcoin Report Volume 51 (Bitcoin Sellouts)

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[H] Timbreaker [W] 51$ BITCOIN

timebreaker = 51$
https://btc-e.com/ <<< exchange rate bitcoin
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18605 News - 2380 Videos and counting... | Last 24 hours 51 Bitcoin & Crypto News

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Bitcoin Gold underwent a 51% attack for the third time in 3 years

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Bitcoin Gold underwent a 51% attack for the third time in 3 years

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Happy Moon Day! 51 year ago the first man landed on the moon. Soon, bitcoin will follow his path!

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Just a reminder that Craig Wright is definitely not Satoshi. He was supposed to 51% attack #bitcoin yesterday and dump the market. Did nothing. Hot air specialist.

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Bitcoin Gold underwent a 51% attack for the third time in 3 years

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Top-60 bitcoin/crypto quotes of the last decade, because reading them makes you feel good, and it feels good to feel good. Also one trading tip

First, number one trading tip for the next decade (in my opinion):

XXA/XLM trading pair, price is 5.20 XLM (0.3588 USD). Ixinium XXA is so undervalued right now. Target profit +300% for this year. Backet by precious metals. Precious metals 100% insured by Lloyd's of London. Target price levels for this year because of precious metals base value:
12.0 XLM (0.83 USD, +130.6%)
18.8 XLM (1.30 USD, +261.5%)
23.2 XLM (1.60 USD, +345.9%)
Price up since Coinmarketcap listing 7 days ago: 47.26%
XXA/XLM trading pair on Stellarport and StellarX exchanges with zero trading fee. It's not too late to become an Ixinium whale :)

My favorite bitcoin/crypto quotes, last ten years:

  1. Came into Bitcoin for the short-term dollar gains. Stayed in Bitcoin for the long-term bitcoin gains.

  1. Fiat addicts you to spending. Bitcoin addicts you to saving.

  1. There are 1,900x more dollars in existence today than there was less than a hundred years ago. Bitcoin has no top because fiat has no bottom.

  1. Most investors would be better off if they lost the password to their account and couldn’t log in for a few years.

  1. How I learned to stop worrying and love the bear market: Value your wealth in bitcoin not fiat.

  1. If I had a Bitcoin for every time someone asked me if I know who Satoshi is... I'd be Satoshi.

  1. Every second bitcoin stays out of the spotlight, is another second we get to build unopposed. We can't take this time for granted.

  1. You can't be excited about Bitcoin and fear the bear market. It's like being excited for Christmas but fearing winter. The bear market is a natural part of Bitcoin's mass adoption.

  1. Crypto is the only money that works on the internet. But it's also the only money that works in space. It's really expensive to bring gold bars to Mars.

  1. The fact that your normie friends don't think Bitcoin is cool yet is the reason why there is still massive upside potential.

  1. Feel free to print (fiat money) as much as you need, as I am already all in crypto.

  1. Satoshi walks in to a bar. Nobody knows.

  1. Fiat supply: unlimited. Gold supply: unknown. Bitcoin supply: 21 million.

  1. Most people still don’t know anything about Bitcoin except its price. But they don’t know why Bitcoin has a price in the first place. Hence the skepticism. When you don’t know why something has a price, it is impossible to understand how much it can really be worth.

  1. There can never be more than 17 million people who own 1 full bitcoin. But in practice, there will be far fewer.

  1. Internet allowed you to never have to go to the library. Bitcoin will allow you to never have to go to the bank.

  1. Google's CEO is Indian
Nokia's CEO is Indian
Adobe's CEO is Indian
Amazon's BOD is Indian
MasterCard's CEO is Indian
Microsoft's CEO is Indian
Pepsico's CEO was Indian indra nooyi
Nasa has 58% Indian employees
Do something towards $Btc bans in India! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  1. When you trade trends, you can be the last person to join the trend & first person to leave the trend & you can still outperform everyone else in long term simply because others will keep guessing the tops & bottoms while you will keep riding confirmed trends.

  1. You don't need to fomo into positions, if you accumulate early.

  1. If your "financial advisor" doesn't advise you to buy crypto, fire 'em.

  1. Bitcoin doesn't care about your feelings. It also doesn't care about your gender, ethnicity, sexual preference or religion. Bitcoin just is.

  1. Want to prove to an investor that your crypto product is needed? Get people to use it. It is really hard to argue with usage.

  1. Is it possible to be a BTC maximalist and be Vegan? Asking for a friend..

  1. If you think that bitcoin is not going to the mainstream, think again.

  1. Most people don’t know what money is. This is why Bitcoin is still underrated. First, learn what money is. Then, you will be able to leverage the massive opportunity that is Bitcoin.

  1. If you think the people in charge know exactly what they’re doing, do nothing & continue on with your life. If you think those in charge may NOT actually be as smart as they want us to think, buy a little Bitcoin. The status quo is a bet on humans, but Bitcoin is a bet on math.

  1. Bitcoin is only risky to those who don’t understand it.

  1. Short term volatility doesn’t phase long term investors.

  1. If you manage your risk, your profits will take care of itself. If you don't, your parents will take care of you.

  1. For every person in the world, there are only 0.00225764 bitcoins.

  1. If you did your research, this bear market was expected. Bear or bull market, it’s business as usual for true Bitcoiners.

  1. For Bitcoin to succeed, the whole world doesn't need to understand its value proposition. Those who do will profit from its monetization. Those who don't will naturally adopt this better money.
Economic reality imposes itself onto the world whether you're aware of it or not.

  1. This is not financial advice. This is life advice. Buy Bitcoin.

  1. If Banks & Fiat are horse carriages, then Bitcoin isn't merely cars, it's fucking teleportation.

  1. How Bitcoin enables global prosperity:
Bitcoin makes you future-oriented
Bitcoin makes delaying gratification easier
Bitcoin makes saving & capital accumulation easier
Bitcoin makes investing easier
Bitcoin makes global trade easier
Bitcoin makes advancing civilization easier

  1. Bitcoin is the ultimate marshmallow experiment. People who are able to hodl for longer will tend to have better life outcomes.

  1. Other than your human time, Bitcoin is the scarcest thing on earth. Human time will become more abundant as life expectancy increases. Bitcoin, however, will only become scarcer.

  1. The energy cost of Bitcoin mining will pale in comparison to the improvements in the world’s productivity and prosperity that are enabled by Bitcoin.

  1. Pros of bear market:
-You can buy more Bitcoin
-Devs more productive than ever
-Weak hands driven out+hodler base strengthened
-Focus on fundamentals, not short-term price
-Overvalued shitcoins deflated
-Critical Infrastructure being built out, making next bull run even fiercer

  1. The more productive we are during the bear market, the harder Bitcoin will pump in the next bull market. Ignore short-term price action. Focus on Bitcoin fundamentals.

  1. Bitcoin bear market is the best time for buying, learning and staying miles ahead of the normies who will once again be late to the game and will buy the top.

  1. Before you invest in Bitcoin, invest in educating yourself about Bitcoin. Understanding Bitcoin will make your conviction much stronger and enable you to maximize your gains.

  1. There are 2 ways you can adopt Bitcoin:
  2. Early on & willingly-> result: allows you to capture upside as Bitcoin grows & becomes widely used or
  3. Much later & not having another choice-> result: failing to capture most upside from Bitcoin's monetization.
The choice is yours.

  1. The overwhelming majority of highly intelligent people I talk to still have no idea why Bitcoin is valuable. We are extremely early. The ability to identify opportunity before others and take advantage of the information asymmetry is key.

  1. Bitcoin will succeed with or without you. Don’t be left behind.

  1. In the 90s people couldn’t imagine that the Internet would replace newspapers, TV, phone calls, shops & many other things. Today, people can't imagine Bitcoin becoming mass adopted money. Bitcoin will do to money what Internet did to information. And money is a way bigger market.

  1. If every millionaire in the US wanted to have just 1 bitcoin they wouldn't be able to. There will always be fewer bitcoins than there are millionaires in the US (let alone the whole world). Ignore this at your own risk.

  1. The corporations & institutions that stand to lose from Bitcoin adoption are made up of individuals who stand to benefit massively from Bitcoin adoption. Realizing that every group or entity is made up of self-motivated individuals is key to realizing why Bitcoin will succeed.

  1. Bitcoin self-selects for people with:
* Low time preference
* Long attention span
* Commitment
* Authenticity
* Patience
* Persistence
* Ability to focus
* Ability to go against the mainstream
Bitcoin is a marathon, not a sprint.

  1. If you don’t have a deep understanding of:
  2. What money is
  3. Functions of money
  4. Monetary history
  5. Money properties that fulfill its various functions
Then don’t you dare criticize Bitcoin.

  1. Bitcoin doesn’t care:
- what color you are
- what sex you are
- what age you are
- what your religion is
- who your parents are
- which university/school you went to
- who you’re friends with
- how expensive your lawyer is
Bitcoin cannot discriminate.

  1. You chase money every single day. You stress over money all your life. You worship money.
But you have no idea why money is valuable. Money controls your life because you have no understanding of what it is. Once you ask yourself “What is money?”, Bitcoin will make sense.

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto deserves:
- Nobel Prize in Economics
- Nobel Peace Prize
- Nobel Prize in Physics
But thankfully the last thing Satoshi needs is the validation of the establishment.

  1. Bitcoin is doing better than corporations & altcoins though it never had:
- Marketing
- Salaries
- Partnerships
- Headquarters
- Customer support
Bitcoin is an emergent superorganism. Members contribute according to their ability, driven by passion more than greed.

  1. July 2011 - $31
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
Apr 2013 - $266
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
Nov 2013 - $1,242
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
Dec 2017 - $19,891
- “Damn, I should've bought bitcoin earlier”
2022-2023 - ...
- “Damn..”

  1. Successful crypto trading boils down to correctly predicting how the whales will torture the normies next.

  1. Bitcoin doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s up to you if you want to learn this the hard way.

  1. Percentage of world using the Internet in 1995 = 0.4%
Percentage of world using the Internet in 2019 = 58.8%
Bitcoin is to money what the Internet is to information.
Percentage of world using Bitcoin in 2019 = 0.4%
If you thought you are late to Bitcoin, think again.

  1. I didn't choose the dollar.
I didn't choose the euro.
I didn't choose the pound.
I didn't choose the yen.
I didn't choose the ruble.
I didn't choose fractional reserve banking.
I didn't choose central banks.
I didn't choose quantitative easing.
I choose Bitcoin.

  1. Using Bitcoin
  2. Download wallet
  3. Receive funds
Using Banks
  1. Go to location
  2. Identification card
  3. Social Security #
  4. Hidden fees
  5. Initial deposit
  6. Proof of address
  7. Unreadable legal docs
  8. Wait a week for your funds
Which one will the next generation choose?

Many of these wisdom quotes are from the author of the new book called “This ₿ook Will Save You Time”, and he's donating all of the proceeds from the book sales to a Bitcoin developer.
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Bitcoin Gold underwent a 51% attack for the third time in 3 years

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Bitcoin Gold underwent a 51% attack for the third time in 3 years

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BITCOIN'S 51%-49% RULE - Why You Should BUY NOW!!! BITCOIN MINING ATTACK! Shadow Mining, Chain Reorg, Difficulty and 51% Attack - Programmer explains Do you REALLY understand Bitcoin 51% Attack? Programmer explains. Bitcoin 101 The Nightmare of a 51% Attack Part 1 Calculating the Costs 51% Attack Explained  Bitcoin Gold and Verge Recent Hack (Crypto)

The probability of 51% Attack Occurring. 51% attacks on Bitcoin blockchain are rare because an attacker would need computing power or hashing power superseding that of millions of miners all over In May of 2018, Bitcoin Gold, at the time the 26th-largest cryptocurrency, suffered a 51% attack. The malicious actor or actors controlled a vast amount of Bitcoin Gold's hash power, such that In May 2018, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) blockchain was 51% attacked for the first time suffering a loss of more than $18 million. BTG is a fork of the Bitcoin protocol but it doesn’t use the SHA256 The year 2020 has started with a 51 percent attack on the Bitcoin Gold blockchain. This was the second attack in the last two years, which made some miners concern about the vulnerabilities within the network. At the end of January 2020, the Bitcoin Gold blockchain experienced two 51% attacks. 51% attack and Bitcoin . What is a 51% Attack - Bitcoin Tutorial. So, put yourself in the place of an attacker who intended to gain control of the blockchain. Let him manage to split the chain in the above way. One of the formed branches he controls, how to make it so that the network discarded the other? This requires that the aggregate

[index] [26993] [10186] [25455] [11289] [17280] [17542] [5169] [10015] [5094] [4601]

BITCOIN'S 51%-49% RULE - Why You Should BUY NOW!!!

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." -- Mahatma Gandhi Buy stock in The Bitcoin Channel and promote Bitcoins: ... The Most SHOCKING Interview You’ll Hear In 2020! - Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, and Marin Katusa - Duration: 36:41. The Rich Dad Channel 56,073 views. New Do you REALLY understand Bitcoin 51% Attack? Programmer explains. - Duration: 11:28. Ivan on Tech 80,310 views. 11:28. 51% attack is when an individual miner or group of miners manage to control more than 50% of a network’s hashing power. This would allow the attacker to disrupt the network and rewrite history ... In today's episode, I explain Tradingshot's Bitcoin Golden 51%-49% Rule and why it indicates now is a good time to buy bitcoin all at once as opposed to dollar cost averaging.

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