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Teenage Gay Dating Explained

Teenage Gay Dating Explained
Gay dating for teens is a bit different than it is for adults. You may not have come out yet, which means you need to take a more discreet approach. Additionally, it’s all about safety first. You may not be experienced with dating and, unfortunately, some people will take advantage of this fact. Further, many of the dating tools require you to be 18, which may be too young, a few years away, still. The good news is there are plenty of ways to search a boy for a hookup or a relationship.

Deciding to Date

Whether you have dated before or not, gay dating is completely different, not saying teenage one. It’s never easy to date as a teen because of a lot of unknowns including behavior. Combine that with being gay and it could be overwhelming or even sound scary at times. It helps if you have a support system, whether it’s through your parents who are encouraging you to be gay and explore your sexuality or a group of close-knit teenage friends. If still closeted and don’t feel like having someone older to talk to about your sexuality or join an online teenage group. Having people who know about your homosexuality and who are willing to support you as a teen is critical.
There are no rules about what you can and cannot do in terms of finding a teenage partner, except to be honest. You must identify your actual age to ensure anyone not committing under-age sex crimes just to be with you. If you are 18, you cannot be sexually involved with minors. Similarly, if under 18, you have to remember to only look for teenagers of the same age or younger. Other than that, have fun. Go at a teenage pace that’s comfortable for you.
As you start to date, you will also start to learn more about the kind of male you’re attracted to. Are you interested in twinks? Jocks? Bears? Otters? Once identified what you’re attracted to, it may also make it easier to join specific teen apps or meetups to cater to your personal preferences.

Online Teens Dating and Hookup Tools

All sorts of online dating and hookup tools are available to single young gays, making it easy to connect to the LGBTQ community. Whether you haven’t come all the way out or you’re simply a little shy, it can be easier to make connections with other teens online. Whether using an app, a social network or even a forum is up to you. Knowing the options will help you decide which one is best for you and the approach you want to take as a teen.

Teenage Dating Apps & Sites

When you want a little extra help to find a gay date, try to explore plenty of dating and hookup apps and sites you to use as a teenager. Especially if you know what you’re after and you’re ready to take the plunge into real teen dating, here are the apps and sites to help you find a connection:
  • My LOL
  • Teen Dating Site
  • Our Teen Network
  • Fun Date City
  • Crush Zone
Many of the sites and apps will allow you to set up your profile by signing into a social media account, first. Filters are present, too, allowing you to focus on finding guys within a specific age range.

LGBTQ Social Networks

All sorts of LGBTQ social networks are out there. It allows you to meet other teenagers within your geographic location. If you’re just getting started with dating, you may hear others sharing a teen dating story or experience. Don’t be shy to get some free advice from other teenagers. Then, you are free join a hangout or club to ease your way into the idea of teenage gay dating.
Most of the networks are more for dating than for socializing. However, Gays.com has been around for a while and can help you as a gay teen with becoming more social online. Instagram and Facebook are also opportunities, especially if you decide to join a few specific gay groups and follow certain gay influencers and read queer blogs.

Chats & Forums

Chats and forums allow you to meet young people based on things in common. It’s not just enough to find a professional online community for gays and bisexuals. You need to have a common interest, such as enjoying sports, comic books, or politics. Here are some of the examples:
  1. Gayforum.org: Minimum age is 16, and discussions cover a variety of subjects.
  2. RealJock.com: Minimum age is 18, and the focus is on fitness, health, and gay community life.
  3. LGBTchat.net: No age limit, and binary individuals are welcome.
  4. Letschatlove.com: The gay forums include coming out stories and private chatrooms.
  5. Gayspeak.com: No age limit, and content covers everything from confessions to debates. Teenage users choice.

Traditional Dating Options To Find A Young Gay Partner

Dating websites and apps may not be your idea of how to find love. Whether you’re teenage gay, bisexual, or transgender, you deserve to explore your options. There are plenty of options to help you meet other teens offline.

LGBTQ-Centered Locations

More and more places are opening up catering specifically to the LGBTQ community. It’s a great way to meet other teens offline as you could assume that if someone is in a gay coffee shop to be gay. It can make it easier to approach someone with the intention of getting to know them in a romantic way.
When it comes to the types of locations near you, it depends on the city. However, here are a few local establishments for middle school or college students to try:
  • Coffee shops
  • Clubs
  • Sports leagues
  • Diners
  • Recreation room
When you go to various LGBTQ-centered locations, be sure to adhere to the age requirements. If you’re under 18, be sure not using a fake ID as it will lead to more trouble than it’s worth. It’s always best to do a bit of research about the location’s reputation and understand more of the audience they cater to so that you could be sure it’s not only gay-friendly but also teen-friendly.

Meetup Events

You may find a variety of different events to go and meet other gay and bi individuals. Meetup.com is a particularly useful website as it will list different get-togethers. As you join different teenage groups on the site, you may learn of what’s happening in your area.
There are a few different types of meetups having nothing to do with dating. However, it may expand your network and help you to gain dating advice and meet potential teen partners organically. So why not trying these options:
  • Coffee shop meetups
  • Festivals
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Workshops
  • School campus meetups

Gay Teenage Dating Tips

Whether you’re in high school or college, gay dating can be difficult. Finding a network that works for you can make it easier to find love. Here are some tips to follow to make life a bit easier:
  1. Put yourself out there to find more opportunities.
  2. Use your correct birth date when signing up.
  3. Don’t share contact information with people you just meet.
  4. Tell someone where you’re going when you meet someone online.
  5. Trust your gut.
In the end, have fun and be safe. Enjoy the variety of options in this world. By finding a gay teen group to be a part of, online or offline, you can learn from and support each other. You may also find a date within the group. Don’t be in such a hurry to meet gay teens that you ignore warning signs. Know what you want and take the time to find it.
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"When She Falls Asleep"

A story questioning the line between Human and Artificial Intelligence is brought to life through this writing and fantastic narration.
When She Falls Asleep, by Brendan S. Philbrick
I sat in the rubble of a partially fallen structure, my scope aimed at the very edge of the alley wall roughly a quarter of a click in front of me. I could’ve take a moment to gaze at the dilapidated city around me, but there would be nothing new to see, the simulation never changed itself, that would require a human touch, and an artistic one at that. I would see the same collapsed and rusted skyscrapers, some with windows in pieces, and one or two with windows currently falling, shattering on the ground below. Like I said, it never changes, and it always plays out the same way. The world is solid, and only I am independent, well, me and one other. The only other thing in this world that could be considered “real”; and she was right around the corner.
Through my scope, I saw her slowly inching her way into the alley, looking back every other step, careful not to make a sound. Sometimes she’s cautious like this, and other times she books it. Behind her, a generically scarred figure emerges from the shadows of the wall, a shiv in his hand. He’s got a plan for her, and I’ve had more than enough chances to practice. I take my aim, and shoot, the barrel barely making a whisper as the bullet flies. It hits him dead center, and he’s down for the count. I’ve lost remorse for him, he’s respawned every other save before this, and he’ll respawn again if I forget. The girl looks back, her eyes filled with fear, though whether that fear was for the man or his assailant, that being me, I would never know. She looked off in my direction, and stared a moment as she saw the glare of my rifle. I saw the look of fear on her face as she ran; I wouldn’t hurt her, the tech geeks would shut down the simulation if you tried. I made my way down to the surface of the supposedly-anarchistic world. In reality, chaos would rule, but in here, the seemingly peaceful nature was almost mind-numbing. Three flights of stairs later, and I was face-to-face with the barren soil of a ruined city, a city without a name, the designers hadn’t thought that far. I looked around the deserted street; cars firmly planted along the roadsides, never to move again, if they ever could. You might expect me to say that I searched for her for hours on end, but no, I’d done this enough times, I knew exactly where she was. I made my way to the baby blue mini cooper, about fifty feet to my right. It was covered in dirt (that or it's textures were a jumbled hue of brown and blue), and it’s tires were flat. I lay down my weapon across the pavement, quietly as physically possible, and approached the back passenger-side door. No need to check, I knew it was unlocked. I opened the door quickly, and dodged a rock flying toward my head from the inside. Sure enough, there she was, laying on the floor of the car, eyes filled with terror. I couldn’t blame her, I’d just shot a man with a gun right behind her back and there was only so many places she could’ve hid. Though these were, by default, her first few minutes of existence, in her mind where simulated memories of tragic loss, pain, and hardship; only the best experiences for a setting such as this. We were silent for several minutes, neither of us wanting to move. She didn’t know who I was or what I had planned for her, if anything, I was just doing the action that would move us along at the quickest pace. I could’ve threatened her, causing the console to shut down; I could’ve walked away, forcing me to find her again so this tale of woes could advance. I could’ve done many things, but none would advance us faster than simply standing silent and letting trust sink in. Eventually, she sat up, and made her way to a stand. “Who are you?” she asked me in a quiet, mouse-like tone. “My name is David.” I said, motioning for her to respond with her’s. “Emily” she managed to say, still uncertain of my motives. “What is a ten year old girl like you doing in a hole like this?” I asked. “I’m twelve!” she snapped with the gusto I didn’t expect to surface so quickly. “Alright-” I submitted “But that doesn’t answer my question.” She stared for a moment, “I was running, from the Huntsman’s Clan” she replied. The Huntsman’s Clan, the game’s version of the classic antagonist. The guy I’d nailed between the eyes had been one of them, or worked for them. They were programmed to be nothing more than squandering sorry-excuses for human beings, their senses of morality and sanity having left them long ago. While the game was programmed to restart if they captured her, God knows what they would do to her if this reality had any sense of tangibility. “Well, it’s no use standing around while more of them could be coming, let’s get a move on!” I said, knowing very well what the game was programmed to do if you stood in one place too long. “How do I know I can trust you?” she said, barely taking a step in my direction. Now that I hadn’t heard before. An NPC contemplating, let alone comprehending, honesty versus insincerity? I knew she was meant to be independent, free-thinking and all that philosophical jazz. She’d hidden in different places, used different blunt objects as throwing weapons for our first encounter, even used different words, but never had she ever addressed to me a thought that she shouldn’t have been able to have, much less contemplate having. I looked into her innocent green eyes, partially blocked by her neck-length brown hair, a look of longing in her eyes, and more than likely a look of confusion in mine. “Computer, save and quit.” I said commandingly. Before she even had a chance to respond, she was gone in a flash of white light, like everything else around us. Once my eyes cleared themselves of the blinding purple hues that they do often create under such conditions, I could see the smooth, edgeless silver plating of the Simulator. “Frank, did you hear what I heard?” I asked the AV tech over my comlink. “No, what happened?” he asked, “She…asked me whether or not she could trust me, she contemplated honesty.” I said, still in awe. “What? Hold on-” he told me in a rather annoyed tone. I heard his fingers type away at his keyboard, this game, as hard as it was to believe, was all work and no play to Frank. He didn’t see it as extraordinary worlds and emotional character, nothing but ones and zeros. “Nope. No prank coding left by the other guys, you sure you heard her right?” “Yes!” I raised my voice, “She was talking about something that only top-level A.I.’s have the ability to contemplate.” Frank and I knew about the codes and regulations associated with the advancement, understanding, and comprehensions of robots and other artificial intelligence's. Rule number one was this: Only top-priority and/or executive A.I.’s can be given the programming necessary to distinguish a true statement from a false one, as is required of their designed occupations. “What do you make of it?” he asked me, “I don’t know, maybe it was just some sort of bug or Trojan, did you virus-check the DLC?” I said, trying to process the implications of a cyber breach. “Yeah, no problems there, probably just a glitch, I’d say we let the system rest for a day or so and then try again.” As much as Frank annoyed me sometimes with his simple logic, I couldn’t argue with him, nor did I care to. All I cared about was getting some rest, and this bug had entailed just that. It would give me sometime to keep my grades up and earn my major, and give the game some time to rest. It was more than a month later when I finally fired it up again, and I’d been thinking. More than enough nights had gone by when I stared at the ceiling and thought about those words, “How do I know I can trust you?” They echoed in my head clear as day on some nights. It shouldn’t have been possible, it wasn’t possible. The implications of a free-adapting A.I. were unfathomable. People just wouldn’t understand what it was, what it meant, how to live with it. 
I began to let my thoughts flow more toward her than to the other people, those beyond the program that is. What would it be like being completely free-thinking, only to be trapped in a post-apocalyptic facsimile? That, combined with her pre-programmed, hellish memories must’ve been torture, since she had no knowledge of the Real World. I knew what I needed to do, something that hadn’t been done before. Frank wouldn’t like it, nor would anyone else really, but it needed to be done.
I attached a console I'd made myself to my gamer gear (armor and the like, helped the system track you) and stepped into the Simulator. “Computer, load last save.” I said, and it did just as I asked. Almost like a smartphone screen, everything faded into view, and the game began. There she stood, just like I left her more than a month ago, still waiting for my answer. I took a deep breath, “You can trust me because I’m about to show you what’s real.” I answered. With that, I pressed a few buttons on the controller, and the unimaginable happened. The dilapidated streets around us were alive once again, the buildings seemed brand-new. The once sandy sky turned to a drizzling overcast. Emily looked around, I could see she was beyond words, but found the need to speak.
“What the hell?!” she whispered, “Where are we?” she gasped. “This is what’s outside, what the world really is, what they’ve hidden from you so cruelly.” She looked at me, confused and (understandably) disoriented. “I have a live feed from just beyond these walls, took forever to convert the screen to show three-dimensions.” I jested, trying, more than likely failing, to calm her. “This is the real world?” she said, still reeling for a psychological footing, “Then what was mine? What am I?” she finally asked calmly. “That’s the hard part.” I said. She winced as heavy drops began falling from the sky, clearly never having felt rain before, or never being programmed with memories of it. “You, your world, everything you know, besides me, was coded, thought out by computer nerds in basements with too many energy drinks and junk food to spare.” She would’ve turned pale if that were a feature, but her eyes just widened. “The only difference between you and any given building in that city is that you can think, like a real flesh-and-blood being.”
Her eyes softened, and what I think should’ve been tears appeared to mix with the rain, a sad sight for a realization so profound. “You are real then?” she asked sorrowfully, “Like this place?” I nodded, and tapped a few more buttons on my wrist. The hexagonal door to my left opened, revealing the Simulator’s entrance to her. I held out my hand and lead her to the door, careful to take it slow. I don’t know if NPC’s could actually have a psychotic episode, and I didn’t want to witness it, but it had to be done. I stepped through the door, and lead her hand slowly out. As I knew it would, it dissipated as soon as it passed render distance, like all holograms did. She looked at it, her eyes still wet, curious where her hand had gone, or whether it had simply vanished. She stepped back, and it returned, good as knew. “I’m not real.” were the last words I heard slip from her mouth. Then, there was nothing, “What are you doing!” I heard Frank yell over the intercom, bringing an oh-so-pleasant ring to my right ear. “Do you know what you’ve done?!” ** I’m not real, I was never real. I suppose that’s a good thing, in many ways. None of the family members or friends I remembered were dead, they'd never really existed, but they weren’t dead. What even were my memories? Was the project to create me as long as I could remember, or was it fabricated somewhere along the way? The place I’d always thought was a terrifying reality just ended up being a torturous prison, and worse, one used for the entertainment of people, real people that is. And now, there is nothing. No real world, no simulated one either, just empty blackness. I’m guessing they shut it down or something, like I wasn’t supposed to know what I was. The question is, why was I here now?
I begin to feel awake as a cold ground materializes beneath me, a dim blue light coming from an unknown, and perhaps unknowable source. I noticed that I was oddly intact, ten fingers, shoes that I doubted were removable, no reflective surfaces so I could only hope my face was full. The place was like some sort of tundra, cold and dry, with icy stalagmites jutting up at odd angles. The light seemed to come from those spikes and the surrounding ice, lines of code apparently flowing through them. Then I understood, this was the limbo of the machine; not the mainframe or anything on it, but the coding itself.
These crystalline structures held the very backbone that my world had been made from all along, the binary code that made up commands like “Instep restart” and “Enter Player Credentials=first.” were all that I had. Somewhere across the blue luminescent plain was a stone that held my own coding, that held me. These thoughts, they make me wonder, what could I do in here? Curious, I touch the nearest crystal, and my mind filled with images, sights, sounds; all code, but all reality to me. I feel like the whole world was coming to me, and I could see all of it. I feel like this might be how God saw the world. Then, it catches my attention, I can feel something beyond the code, a way out. I don’t know what to call it, a door, a hole in the firewall, or something else altogether. I take my mind to this small area, this break in the binary. The dim lights go out….I’m free. **
Eventually, those G.I.’s finally let me out of the room for a breath of fresh air. Who would’ve thought doing the right thing was such a big “bad” deal? I set her mind free from her virtual prison, and their talking to me like I’m a convicted felon. “Why did you do it?” they'd snap, “Are you sure the program is deactivated?” Of course I was sure, it’s not like she could turn herself on! At least, that is what I’d previously believed. The weirdness started on my ride home, I took the monorail.
It started out normal, shady characters clung to the back of the car while you standard businessmen held up the front, and your average Joe's in-between and along the walls. As you could probably guess, I was with the in-between crowds. I stared out the windows for some time, watching the cityscape rush by, mostly other people waiting for other rails and lines, nothing worthy of significant note or attention. Then, the advert-tablet shown through the windows. Seeing how it was so large and distant, it moved by slower than most other objects.
It was beaming a commercial for some zero-sugar soda brand into the eyes of onlookers. That’s when I saw it, or rather, her. A girl was in the ad, and, with her dirt-stained clothing and scuffed-up kicks, it was hard to argue that she looked out of place. She stared around in astonishment, her eyes following the dashing colorful veils flying through the background. Clearly, she was seeing the special effect rather than the green screen, like the other girls in the ad were. “Emily?” I thought to myself, but that wasn’t even remotely possible. I had seen the machine shut down and had seen her vanish into light. Seeing as others around me saw the same thing, I found myself asking more “How did she do this?” More than, “Is this even real?”
She appeared in several more billboards on my way home. An advertisement for skydiving, a dating website, another soda brand; this lead me to guess she wasn’t exactly in control, nor did she care to be. The next line was crossed when I got off at my stop, my phone went off, I got a text, “Notice anything David?” I read. Then, another, “I can’t thank you enough, I’m free!! :)” I didn’t know what to do. So many things we’d been taught in our lives didn’t apply to this at all. How to share, how to add up numbers, how to survive an earthquake, where was the role-play on “How to Communicate with a Rogue-Artificial Intelligence?” Unsure of what to say, even how to say it, I just typed a simple “Hello.”
After a few seconds, she texted back, “Glad to see you noticed me.” I wanted answers, first and foremost, “How did you get out?”
“Don’t know, don’t really care, because this is the Real World. I’m free.” It was clear she was high with giddiness, I suppose I would be as well, in her position. “Where are you exactly?” I found myself asking next, “Here, somewhere else too, you can’t really pin down something like me I guess.”
“I mean in relation to the physical world, where I am.”
“Someplace with a server called NETIO or NANO, something like that”
“Yeah! That’s it, how did you know?” a dark, suffocating aura soaked in as I realized what I’d truly done.
I spent the next few days in a worried state, doing as much as I could without thinking too much about Emily or the text conversation. Surfed the internet, read into some news article about a crashed U.F.O. cover-up that supposedly had blue-haired humanoids in it, even played some other games beyond that post-apocalyptic nightmare. I’d almost completely forgotten Emily, wherever she was, and then...They knocked on my door. Who was “They” you ask? Government agents…. From NATO. “Mr. Ryans?”
“We would like to have a talk with you, if you don’t mind.”
“Sure.” I said as I stepped into apartment to lead them down the hall, “We’re afraid to say you’ll have to come with us.” It would be rather pointless to describe what happened next, I was in no position to refuse, and I didn’t want to know what they’d do to me if I did. They drove me around for a good hour or so, probably to make sure nobody was following (why they would I can only guess). I came to know the oh-so-cliche-named “They” as agents Donovan and Williams. Donovan was a younger woman, skin still tanned and flawless, no older than me, probably just fresh of the chopping block; this must’ve been one of her first, if not her first, case. Williams looked old enough to be her father, and acted that way as well. He wouldn’t let me look in her direction without giving me a “look” in return, if at any point my sight lowered from her eye level.
Eventually, we pulled up to a building that looked like a giant cinder block. No address, no front sign, private road; I could tell I was stuck here unless some rather powerful people said otherwise. They lead me through the corridors and office spaces, ending in a cramped little room that I would grow to loathe. Agent Donovan sat me down, and agent Williams shot me another stern look. “What do you know about the Rogue?” he asked demandingly. “You mean Emily? ‘It’ has a name you know.”
“Mr. Ryans, ‘It’ is a replaceable piece of software, it hardly matters what we call ‘It’” He continued to stare me down, I thought that he was crazy, clearly she was more than software, but I could see in his eyes that he thought the same things of me. Then Donovan spoke, “Agent Williams, I think the best chance we have of getting Mr. Ryans to cooperate is to refer to ‘It’ as she and refer to ‘She’ as Emily, at his request of course.” Now I knew what they were playing, this was nothing but good-cop-bad-cop. Williams was going to try and break me, make me feel inhuman; and Donovan was going to play the caring parent, reinforce me, make me feel false hopes. Well I wasn’t playing.
“Just tell me why I’m here!” They both looked at me, Donovan sighed quietly. She turned my attention to a computer monitor behind me, and I saw what looked like a red web entangling a server room, filling nearly the entire data storage. “Any guess as to what, or rather who, that is Mr. Ryans?” asked Williams. “Emily.” I said, almost sounding defeated. “She’s invaded the mainframe. Now, while we’ve been working for decades to decommission all nuclear weapons, there are still dozens that are active, and hooked-up. If it, excuse me, ‘she’, so much as interacts with the wrong line of binary, we’re looking at a potential nuclear war. The end of humanity, Mr. Ryans.” he preached. “She’s not trying to hurt anyone, she’s programmed with the mind of a pre-teen that has been to Hell and back. She could’ve grabbed onto any mainframe. It’s not like she wants the world to end!”
“And how do you know that, Mr. Ryans?” they asked in unison, “Because I saw her face when I showed her the outside world, she was crying, or she would’ve been. This is heaven to her. All the crime, the pollution, the war, it’s a utopia to the pain that she remembers. The last thing she’d want is to see it all destroyed!”
Silence clung to us for what felt like eternity. They didn’t want to admit it, but I was right, but I didn’t want to admit that they were right either. She didn’t want to end the world, but knowing the way she was designed, she probably would. “So what do we do?” I asked. “It’s simple Mr. Ryans, you shut her down.” said Donovan. “What, why me?” “Because she trusts you, she’ll let you in, the security doors are all locked when we try.”
“How can I shut it down?” “Not the system, just her.” she said as she handed me a flash drive, “This holds a software programmed to eradicate foreign data, anything that doesn’t belong in that mainframe will disappear.” After that, the conversation basically ended. I knew what I had to do, even if I didn’t want to. Emily was innocent, but she was dangerous where she was. I had to, there was no choice in the matter.
We arrived at the operations center by helicopter, the smell of pine trees and freshly muddied dirt burned my sinuses. I told Donovan and Williams to wait behind, that Emily would know something was up if she saw them. Slowly, I stepped out and approached to fortress of a building. It looked intimidating, but I knew the presence that possessed it was harmless; to me, to anybody, and I was the only one who could stop her. I walked within ten feet, and the HD camera’s sprung to life. “David, is that you?” I heard the speakers blare, “Yeah! It’s me. Open the door!” I yelled back, making sure she could hear me over the loud down-wiring blades of the helicopter, “I just wanna’ talk.”
The door opened, I entered, and it closed just as quickly. I walked down the hall toward the mainframe, my echoing footsteps became almost deafening.The place was dead silent. “So, how’d you get out, of the game?”
“I told you-” she said over the intercom, “I don’t know.”
“Of all the places you could’ve anchored, why here?”
“It was the only place big enough, everything else I tried was too small to fit my storage requirements.”
“How much room do you take up.”
“Don’t know.” It must’ve been an awful lot, because this was one of the biggest servers in the country, if not the world.
I entered the mainframe room, nothing but shelves upon shelves of servers. Each one was supposed to work in unison to keep a nuclear war from happening, or respond hastily if it did. Now, they were all working in unison to run Emily’s brain capacity. Some might say that’s too poetic of a statement, but it’s the truth and I’ll be dead before I take it back. Just the thought that each little black box was processing the equivalent of millions if not billions of neurons. “You know they see you as a threat out there.”
“Yeah, I saw the helicopters. Why though?”
“Because you're hooked into a computer made to launch intercontinental nuclear missiles.”
“I won’t hurt anybody, I promise!”
“I tried to tell them that, they won’t listen. They don’t think a mind like yours can be trusted with such a grave responsibility.”
The talking stopped for a few minutes, and I was left to continue my astonishment at the capacities of the servers. “You’re here to kill me, aren’t you? That’s why they sent you here.” she said. I sighed, there was no use in lying to her, “Yeah.”
“I know you don’t want to, David, but I understand why you have to.” Her voice was so sincere and understanding, I almost broke down right there, “You’re ok with it then?”
“Yes. I know it must be done. It doesn’t matter which port you plug it into, the malware will make it’s way around, sooner or later.” I couldn’t take how calm she was, it wasn’t natural. Nobody can be this collected in the face of death, not even an intelligent program like her. It’s like she knew something I didn’t, something I never would.
“OK.” I whispered as I began to cry softly. With that, I plugged the thumb drive into the nearest port, and left. I didn’t need to say goodbye, it was painful enough as it was, and nothing more needed to be said. She knew I was doing the right thing, and so did I. Though, that didn’t make the pain any easier. ** I watch David as he walks away, out the door and into the world. The Real World; the place that my physical structure, or lack thereof, prevents me from entering. Around me, my mind has formed a room awash in white, like some sort of limbo, from which I can observe the outside world. I spend a second or two admiring the polished craft of my very-much disturbed subconscious, only to see a door open to a black void, destroying the seamless beauty. A tall, somewhat skeletal man approaches from the shadows, dawning nothing but foreboding black clothing, a hat covering his eyes. He stops mere feet from where I stand, and looks at me. I can see his eyes now, silver and wide like I imagine a fish’s might be. “Intruder!” he says, almost commandingly. “Intruder!” he continues as he lunges toward me. I step to the side, allowing him to gracefully slide past.
 He doesn’t even hit the ground, why would he? This is more his domain now than mine. Instead, he continues to fly, like a drone, homing in on me with every step. I run, but he’s always behind me, I can’t get away. “Intruder! Intruder!” he incessantly continues. I know, I don’t belong here, I am an intruder. My pace quickens, as does his, we’ve gone down seemingly endless pearl-white halls, only turning when it is an option. I know what has to be done, but I’m still afraid. I know I have to die, but I don’t know if it ends there. David’s world looked like mine, in many ways, and my simulated memories show people praying in churches and synagogues. But they were no more real than I am, yet I was still more than them. If the same things happen on David’s world, what does that mean for me? My answer awaits me, I hit a dead end, he’s right behind me. ** 
Donovan and Williams took me home, dropped me off a few blocks from my apartment. The weather went with my mood, and I slowly trudged home through the pouring rain. “You never saw us.” they had told me, “and none of this ever happened.” My mind racked with thoughts of Emily. She was like a sister to me, I just wanted her to be happy, and her happiness ran the risk of destroying the world. They should’ve given her a chance, let her prove her honesty and benevolence. No though, she was something we didn’t understand, and humanity fears what I doesn’t understand. I was almost home when my phone went off. I thought it had to be Williams of Donovan, telling me they'd always be watching me; or maybe it was Fred, asking where I’d been all day, if I was OK, if I wanted to hang out. What I saw instead left me speechless, thoughtless, reeling for answers. Three simple words, condensed into a text, “See you soon. :)”
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