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  1. 6640 points, 167 submissions: jaggedsoft
    1. relatable (207 points, 11 comments)
    2. I like guys who take big risks 😨 (137 points, 7 comments)
    3. Altseason (129 points, 8 comments)
    4. Shoulda took the money (124 points, 6 comments)
    5. Time travel ⌛ (122 points, 14 comments)
    6. i read the whitepaper 📰 (118 points, 5 comments)
    7. You never know what someone is going through (110 points, 10 comments)
    8. next alt season 🦖💥 (108 points, 7 comments)
    9. Wake up call 📞😱🔊 (106 points, 1 comment)
    10. Now that's what I'm talking about 😇 (103 points, 4 comments)
  2. 2877 points, 104 submissions: definitelynotdeleted
    1. I bought bitcoin for 20,000 and sold for $ 3000 (114 points, 5 comments)
    2. 18+ (89 points, 7 comments)
    3. Binance lottery ))) (83 points, 15 comments)
    4. BTC Dominance: 62.0% (71 points, 3 comments)
    5. BTC Dominance: 65.3% (65 points, 6 comments)
    6. Keanu won’t give you bad advice😉 (62 points, 4 comments)
    7. BTC Dominance: 69.2% (60 points, 3 comments)
    8. BTC Dominance: 70.1% (59 points, 15 comments)
    9. Bitcoin 11000$ (59 points, 2 comments)
    10. My deposit... (55 points, 4 comments)
  3. 983 points, 16 submissions: Frix13
    1. How DARE you :D (128 points, 12 comments)
    2. Nothing can scare us anymore! 💪 😎 (121 points, 8 comments)
    3. How I imagine most of us 😅 👊 (110 points, 9 comments)
    4. Do you have the same problem? 😅 💸 🚀 (107 points, 8 comments)
    5. Just HODL guys!!! 😆 (96 points, 14 comments)
    6. Every Crypto Facebook group right now :D (85 points, 2 comments)
    7. When Moon??? 🚀 (75 points, 6 comments)
    8. Im certainly not in it for the profits, that's for sure :'D (58 points, 10 comments)
    9. What is this "profits" you speak of?! 📈 (54 points, 4 comments)
    10. Don't miss the train, Bull-market here we come!!! 😂 (45 points, 3 comments)
  4. 922 points, 23 submissions: hodlorcrypt
    1. Disgusting (95 points, 65 comments)
    2. You have been visited by the nice duck (94 points, 66 comments)
    3. Point Break: Crypto Edition (83 points, 0 comments)
    4. My alts' sats whenever BTC spikes (77 points, 7 comments)
    5. Sweet, sweet airdrops (75 points, 0 comments)
    6. Shots fired (60 points, 11 comments)
    7. Trying to laugh away the pain (54 points, 2 comments)
    8. Lookin' for some lovin' (50 points, 3 comments)
    9. Marilyn Cryptoe (50 points, 4 comments)
    10. Me rollin' up to alt season (50 points, 8 comments)
  5. 746 points, 31 submissions: cryptoparody
    1. Current mood in crypto (77 points, 2 comments)
    2. Binance to block US 🇺🇸 users! (75 points, 10 comments)
    3. When Bitcoin went over $9k 💪 (54 points, 8 comments)
    4. Who wants to be a millionaire? (49 points, 7 comments)
    5. Crypto pump and dumps 🤑😵 (45 points, 3 comments)
    6. How we all feeling? (43 points, 6 comments)
    7. Throwback Thursday to 2017 💸😱 (32 points, 0 comments)
    8. The struggle is real in crypto (29 points, 6 comments)
    9. Tough road ahead for Libra 🤣 (29 points, 6 comments)
    10. They hate what they can’t control. Top 10 banks got fined a combined $174 billion for violations — dwarfing the MC of Bitcoin (27 points, 1 comment)
  6. 726 points, 21 submissions: cooriah
    1. Get out of fiat. (72 points, 2 comments)
    2. Told ya so. (72 points, 24 comments)
    3. Current financial situation (62 points, 8 comments)
    4. When someone asks for financial advice and you tell them about Bitcoin. (60 points, 4 comments)
    5. There will always be new people coming in with questions. (50 points, 16 comments)
    6. Feeling every dip after buying at the last peak. (47 points, 2 comments)
    7. Oh, it's such sweet trolling to say it back at the same smug, fiat statists. (43 points, 4 comments)
    8. If I had $267,000,000, I'd keep it on the blockchain. I would not trust any fiat bank to hold it for me. (40 points, 16 comments)
    9. Saying crypto is too slow and difficult for mass adoption is just like when they said nobody will carry a "cinder block" mobile phone around everywhere, and with that low battery capacity. (38 points, 6 comments)
    10. ♪Thats the way, a-huh a-huh, I like it, a-huh a-huh. ♫ (38 points, 3 comments)
  7. 701 points, 11 submissions: resonantseed
    1. No pain, time for gains (128 points, 8 comments)
    2. Getting help as crypto noob (106 points, 17 comments)
    3. Alts today (100 points, 11 comments)
    4. EOS birth of an ecosystem (77 points, 4 comments)
    5. Being at party with no crypto people (74 points, 9 comments)
    6. Thy holiness giveth and taketh (51 points, 2 comments)
    7. Asking shills legitimate questions (44 points, 1 comment)
    8. How it feels every time I get more crypto (41 points, 1 comment)
    9. Clutch your coins tight (34 points, 5 comments)
    10. Holding heavy alt bags (24 points, 1 comment)
  8. 654 points, 12 submissions: minecoins247365
    1. Dollar Cost Averaging into Crypto Right Now (190 points, 20 comments)
    2. How It Feels To Hold Altcoins Right Now (159 points, 18 comments)
    3. Altcoins Right Now... (70 points, 10 comments)
    4. my crypto bags right now (68 points, 6 comments)
    5. How the US Copyright Office Filed the #Faketoshi Application (52 points, 4 comments)
    6. Countdown to Altcoin Season Like... (42 points, 11 comments)
    7. Every time Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto (21 points, 2 comments)
    8. TFW buying $BCHABC $BCHSV $BTG (14 points, 0 comments)
    9. When Google Knows You're Drunk And Want Bitcoin (12 points, 0 comments)
    10. ...Then You Win (11 points, 1 comment)
  9. 593 points, 15 submissions: nathanielx9
    1. Found this yesterday and thought this was funny (102 points, 5 comments)
    2. Happy Valentines Day Everyone (84 points, 4 comments)
    3. Here we go again... (73 points, 5 comments)
    4. When you decide to start day trading in a bear market (70 points, 3 comments)
    5. All I want is Ramen :/ (46 points, 2 comments)
    6. Time to reuse our 2017 memes? (40 points, 2 comments)
    7. Oof (39 points, 2 comments)
    8. Shitcoin communities be like (36 points, 3 comments)
    9. Too soon? (25 points, 5 comments)
    10. Take money from banks. Deploy the fud. Take all back (21 points, 0 comments)
  10. 472 points, 17 submissions: RideYourChart
    1. Whales (68 points, 4 comments)
    2. “Fear Of Missing Out” (67 points, 6 comments)
    3. You here also because of "technology"? (65 points, 3 comments)
    4. Paid Groups (55 points, 2 comments)
    5. "it's just correction, bro" (50 points, 2 comments)
    6. Bottom again (44 points, 3 comments)
    7. This time will be x100 for sure (18 points, 0 comments)
    8. Bitcoin in last hours: (16 points, 1 comment)
    9. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) (16 points, 0 comments)
    10. Stop Loss (13 points, 4 comments)

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  1. jaggedsoft (569 points, 194 comments)
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  5. parakite (83 points, 37 comments)
  6. snoop_Odin (83 points, 25 comments)
  7. nathanielx9 (81 points, 29 comments)
  8. NOWPayments (74 points, 34 comments)
  9. coinminingrig (71 points, 24 comments)
  10. ChangeNow_io (70 points, 32 comments)

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  1. relatable by jaggedsoft (207 points, 11 comments)
  2. Dollar Cost Averaging into Crypto Right Now by minecoins247365 (190 points, 20 comments)
  3. When you buy Bitcoin at 19K by rewardstoken (181 points, 23 comments)
  4. How It Feels To Hold Altcoins Right Now by minecoins247365 (159 points, 18 comments)
  5. You gotta believe me! by gabi9900 (155 points, 8 comments)
  6. I’ve seen some shit by ZipZapBeepBoop (154 points, 10 comments)
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  8. I think this meme deserved a repost by NinjaDK (145 points, 7 comments)
  9. USD vs Bitcoin by coinvvolf (139 points, 9 comments)
  10. I like guys who take big risks 😨 by jaggedsoft (137 points, 7 comments)

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  4. 23 points: Pr1max91's comment in Shoulda took the money
  5. 21 points: Gforcetuga's comment in Member when ____ happened in crypto? (fill in the gap)
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  9. 18 points: kokomeows's comment in Me rollin' up to alt season
  10. 17 points: Citizen52's comment in relatable
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TLDR: Bitcoin is a super virus that feeds off of its host then integrates with it. Any attempt to cure said virus makes it stronger. Understand it, buy it, secure it, Hodl.

Hello Bitcoin, longtime lurker, big bitcoin fan. I just wanted to put my 2 satoshis into the hat and give my opinion on what is happening with bitcoin. I saw a post on here about bitcoin being a virus and in some respects that person is absolutely correct. Bitcoin is consuming fiat currency at an apparently alarming rate to some. I personally do not see it as alarming at all, it is inevitable, and just the beginning. As the world we live in literally collapses around our ears, Bitcoin is THE perfect vehicle to store all of our wealth. We can see from the type of countries that are actively trying to ban bitcoin that this is a world changing paradigm shift, it’s good vs evil, it’s that important. Bitcoin IS going to change the world. I believe it to have reached a critical tipping point, there is no going back. For the first time in history the banks and governments of this world have been completely taken by surprise. They are scrabbling to try and legislate, categorise, and understand bitcoin. This needs to be done and I am all for it, however it needs to be done right. From what I’ve read in the press, and watched on Bloomberg, I’m worried the powers that be have no concept of what bitcoin actually is, they try to compare it with this thing and that, and don’t really grasp that the world has never seen anything like this before.
There will be a redistribution of wealth like no other. Money will go from traditional investments and initially to people of some (questionable) intellect (as this is reddit I’d better point out that this is a joke), bitcoin is complicated and it does take some intelligence to understand, access, and secure. Wealth will also be distributed to some poorer nations of the world (I’m not going to explain this, if you’d like to know more there’s an amazing thing called the internet, you may have heard of it). One elegant aspect of bitcoin is it’s ease of movement around the globe, even without exchanges. Banks closing exchange accounts down, forks, any attack on bitcoin just makes it stronger.
The amount of money bitcoin is feeding off of is now starting to take away from alt investment options such as real estate, gold, traditional stocks, etc. The difference between bitcoin and these other investments is that bitcoin will eventually integrate, and be used by, all of these other markets. Bitcoin is not competition to these traditional markets in the long game, it will make these markets more efficient and stronger. (There may be a bloodbath before it does, but it will ultimately make them more streamlined and accessible to all)
People are worried that the recent ascendance in price (to the moon) has something to do with traders, governments, or whomever pumping the market with the exchange trading coming up. This will make bitcoin more accessible to the masses than ever before. Finally people will be able to invest without the fear of their bank account being closed, (I’m hearing about this more and more, the banks need to accept it’s happening, adapt, and integrate). In my humble opinion the recent gains have been due to mass adoption, bitcoin is finally in the consciousness of the masses (my Mum’s talking about it with her friends) it’s on the front pages of many worldwide newspapers daily, it’s on Bloomberg every half an hour, bitcoin has gone up by 100,000 subscribers in the last however long, exchanges are slowing due to usage, orders are backing up. I would be worried about a pump (ha) if none of this was going on, and it’s happening WORLDWIDE. That’s not to say a huge short isn’t possible, but unlikely in my opinion.
Only invest what you can afford to lose kids, but do invest. In my meaningless opinion, it will be the best decision anyone could ever make, it’s worth it just to experience the ride if you only put in what you can afford to lose. Also, do not invest unless you have done your homework and understand how to, buy, secure, and sell bitcoin. Try to find out about what your governments view on it is and the tax implications involved (Pay your taxes people). Once you understand all of this COMPREHENSIVELY, then invest what you can afford to live without (can’t stress this enough).
Should this post garner any interest please respect other people’s opinions. If we all felt the same we’d all be robots (beep boop).
submitted by throwaway8639557399 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Crystalline: Part 39 - Leanna-Bot Malfunctions Against Parents' Will important - YouTube Teknik Garis Merah Bondol Trader di Binomo pakai HP Android apa bisa ? Modal 140rb Part. 2 Bison 3 DYK? PIVX - Did You Know #4 - 6,000 Slack Members & 20 language Translations!

A potential roadblock for brick-and-mortar retail stores is that old cash-tills with beep boop scanners might not be able to accept cryptocurrencies. it takes an age for most Bitcoin SUB token holders and stock value. Close. 18. Posted by. u/Coingineer. 1 year ago. Archived. SUB token holders and stock value. #bitcoin #altcoins @SubstratumNet. Attached photo | imgur Mirror • Beep boop I'm a bot • Find out more about me at / r/tweettranscriberbot / Hello!🌟 Hello! 🌟Hello! 🌟 Greetings fellow explorers, advocates, traders, and Crypto enthusiast 👾 We are broadcasting directly from an undisclosed location in the Alpha Quadrant 🤖 beep beep bop boop 👾 *Before jumping into the content for today, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge everyone who is facing adversity due to global pandemic. Golden Star Online casino for bitcoin and real Bitsler Gambling bitcoin dice Free bitcoin RollerCoin – Online Bitcoin Mining Simulator Game Bitcoin Billionaire Apps on Google Play ist dafür auch das deutsche Steuerrecht.Free Bitcoin generator for mobile phone users. Can amazon aktien jetzt noch kaufen You 111 Best Static Free Video Clip Downloads from the Videezy community. Free Static Stock Video Footage licensed under creative commons, open source, and more!

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Crystalline: Part 39 - Leanna-Bot Malfunctions Against Parents' Will

Ini part 2 trading dalam 1 hari ya bukan beda hari. Buat pemula ambil positif nya aja yg negatif jangan di contoh Salam sukses terus #BinomoAndroid #BinomoOfficial #BinomoPemula binomo cara ... Lets Play Beep Boop Bitcoin - Playlist. ShifterChaos95. 7 videos Play all Lets Play KOLM Series - Playlist. ShifterChaos95. 6 videos Play all Let's Play: Steam Birds - Playlist. ... Top 100 Free Stock Videos 4K Rview and Download in Pixabay 12/2018 - Duration: ... Banking on Bitcoin YouTube Movies. 2017 · Documentary; ... Boop Beep Recommended for you. 0:05. The bitcoin : bubble by ... STOCK 2 by La Mezzanine. 2:24. STOCK 3 by La Mezzanine. 2:42. Member Chewbacca Again? by South Park Studios. 0:48. Zach stop by Beep Boop. 0:07. road work ahead, ah ... Bill Gates interview: Bitcoin BTC Event, Financial Crisis, Vaccine and Microsoft updates news Gates Foundation 6,864 watching Live now Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite [Full ...

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