How you can make the gender question on an application

United Airlines first airline to introduce non-binary gender option on bookings, customers can select M (male), F (female), U (undisclosed) or X (unspecified), the profoundly proud airline will train its staff on preferred pronouns, LGBT workplace competency and other inclusivity initiatives,

United Airlines first airline to introduce non-binary gender option on bookings, customers can select M (male), F (female), U (undisclosed) or X (unspecified), the profoundly proud airline will train its staff on preferred pronouns, LGBT workplace competency and other inclusivity initiatives, submitted by coraxnews to coraxnews [link] [comments]

I'm a nonbinary researcher and I am curious the most inclusive way to ask gender?

I am an engineering education grad student that focuses on assessment- so currently I write surveys.
I am trying to figure out the best way to ask gender.
My professor has ...
What is your gender? Multiple choice: male, female, trans man, trans woman, gender nonconforming, othedo not wish to disclose
I have
What is your gender? Multiple choice: male, female, trans man, trans woman, nonbinary, othedo not wish to disclose
I was thinking as an alternative...
What is your gender? Check all that apply: male, female, transgender, nonbinary, othedo not wish to disclose.
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Nonbinary Parafolk?

it’s always bugged me that games like the sims have no option for gender neutral pronouns. i honestly think it would be great for just making the players feel seen and connected.
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I understand where you're coming from, but no

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Since 1983, I have lived, worked and raised a family in a progressive, egalitarian, income-sharing intentional community (or commune) of 100 people in rural Virginia. AMA.

Hello Reddit!
My name is Keenan Dakota, I have lived at Twin Oaks, an income-sharing, intentional community in rural Virginia for 36 years, since 1983. I grew up in northern Virginia, my parents worked in government. I went to George Mason University where I studied business management. I joined Twin Oaks when I was 23 because I lost faith in the underpinnings of capitalism and looking for a better model. I have stayed because over time capitalism hasn't looked any better, and its a great place to raise children. While at Twin Oaks, I raised two boys to adulthood, constructed several buildings, managed the building maintenance program, have managed some of the business lines at different times.
Proof this is me. A younger photo of me at Twin Oaks. Here is a video interview of me about living at Twin Oaks. Photo of Twin Oaks members at the 50th anniversary.
Some things that make life here different from the mainstream:
More about Twin Oaks:
Twin Oaks is an intentional community in rural central Virginia, made up of around 90 adult members and 15 children. Since the community's beginning in 1967, our way of life has reflected our values of cooperation, sharing, nonviolence, equality, and ecology.
We do not have a group religion; our beliefs are diverse. We do not have a central leader; we govern ourselves by a form of democracy with responsibility shared among various managers, planners, and committees. We are self-supporting economically, and partly self-sufficient. We are income-sharing. Each member works 42 hours a week in the community's business and domestic areas. Each member receives housing, food, healthcare, and personal spending money from the community.
We have open-slots and are accepting applications for new members. All prospective new members must participate in a three-week visitor program. Applicants to join must leave for 30 days after their visit while the community decides on their application.
We offer a $5 tour on Saturdays of the property, starting in March. More info here.
Ask me anything!
TL;DR: Opted out of the rat-race and retired at 23 to live in the woods with a bunch of hippies.
EDIT: Thanks for all the questions! If you want some photos of the farm, you can check out our instagram.
EDIT2: I'm answering new, original questions again today. Sort by new and scroll through the trolls to see more of my responses.
EDIT3: We DO have food with onion & garlic! At meals, there is the regular food, PLUS alternative options for vegan/vegetarian/no gluten/no onions & garlic.
EDIT4: Some of you have been asking if we are a cult. No, we are not. We don't have a central leader or common religion. Here are characteristics of cults, FYI.
Edit: Yikes! Did I mention that I am 60? Reddit is not my native land. I don't understand the hostile, angry and seemingly deliberately obtuse comments on here. And Soooo many people!
Anyway, to the angry crowd: Twin Oaks poses no threat to anyone, we are 100 people out of a country of 330 million? Twin Oaks reached its current maximum population about 25 years ago, so not growing fast, or at all. Members come and go from Twin Oaks. There are, my guess is, 800 ex-members of Twin Oaks, so we aren't holding on to everyone who joins—certainly, no one is held against their will.
Twin Oaks is in rural Virginia, but we really aren't insular, isolated, gated or scared of the mainstream culture. We have scheduled tours of the whole property. Local government officials, like building inspectors, come to Twin Oaks with some frequency. People at Twin Oaks like to travel and manage to do so. I personally, know lots of people in the area, I am also a runner, so I leave the property probably every day. There are lots of news stories about Twin Oaks over the years. If you are worried about Twin Oaks, maybe you could go read what the mainstream (and alternative) media have to say.
Except about equality Twin Oaks is not particularly dogmatic about anything. (I know some people at Twin Oaks will disagree with that statement.) Twin Oaks isn't really hypocritical about Capitalism, Socialism, or Communism, we just don't identify those concepts as something that we are trying to do. Twin Oaks is not trying to DO Communism, we are trying to live a good life with equally empowered citizens—which has led us to try to maintain economic parity among members. Communists also do that. In making decisions in the community I don't remember anyone trying to support or oppose an idea due to excess or insufficient Communism, Socialism, or Capitalism. In most practical senses those words aren't useful and don't mean anything. So, no need to hammer Twin Oaks for being insufficiently pure, or hypocritical.
Twin Oaks is very similar to the Kibbutz in Israel. If anyone has concerns or questions about what would happen if places like Twin Oaks suddenly became much larger and more common, read about the history of the Kibbutz, which may have grown to possibly 1% of the population at their largest? There was and is no fight with Capitalism from the kibbutz—or with the State. My point is—not a threat.
To the other people who think that the ideas of Twin Oaks are interesting, I want you to know it is possible to live at Twin Oaks (or places like Twin Oaks) and happily live ones entire life. There is no central, critical failing that makes the idea not work. And plenty of upside. But do lots of research first. Twin Oaks maintains a massive web site. (Anyway, it takes a long time to read.)
But what I would like to see is more people starting more egalitarian, income-sharing communities. I think that there is a need for a community that is designed and built by families, and who also share income, and provide mutual support with labor and money. If you love this concept, maybe consider gathering together other people and starting your own.
Ideologically speaking:
-Ecology: the best response to ecological problems is for humans to use fewer resources. The easiest way to use fewer resources is to share resources. Living communally vastly cuts down on resource use without reducing quality of life.
-Equality: ideologically speaking, most people accept the idea that all humans have equal rights, but most social structures operate in ways that are fundamentally unequal. If we truly believe in equality then we ought to be willing to put our bodies where our ideology is. In a truly equal world, the issues of sexism and racism and all other forms of discrimination would, essentially, not exist.
-Democracy: Twin Oaks uses all manner of decision-making models and tools to try to include everyone and to keep people equally empowered. There is no useful word for this. We do use a majority vote sometimes, as a fallback. But sometimes we use consensus. We sometimes use sociocracy (dynamic governance). The word "Isocracy" (decision-making among equals), would be useful to describe Twin Oaks' decision-making model, but Lev in Australia has written an incomprehensible "definition" on Wikipedia, that he keeps changing back when someone corrects it.
-Happiness: The overarching goal of all ideologies is to make people happy, right? I mean, isn't it? Capitalism is based upon the belief that motivation is crucial to human aspiration and success (and therefore more happiness). Under Capitalism, equality is a detriment because it hinders motivation (less fear of failure, or striving for success). Twin Oaks believes that humans are happier when they are equal, and equally empowered. So the place to start up the ladder of happiness is to first make everyone equal. Well, Twin Oaks is mainly still working on that first step.
EDIT5: Some have asked about videos - here are links to documentaries about Twin Oaks by BBC, VICE and RT.
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Thoughts and wonders on the possiblity? Of they/them pronouns

So with the articles now coming out about the first half hour of the game, I was wondering if their had been any mention of pronouns going about. Its really the only thing I've been worrying about.
As a non-binary person who has a non-binary character, we both use they/them pronouns.
Now I do have some doubts about it and that they will only include she, he pronouns because of well many reasons. I mean it has taken them till pocket camp, till now to actually add actual skin colours.
I'm glad that we have the option of gender-free customization but after its all said and done I'd be dissapointed with having two options of pronouns, like they've gone this far to include gender-free options, why not just a little further. But who knows?¿?
In the end if I have to choose one of two at least I'll be able to put he/him towards ky character seeing as the tired eyes I use for my character was previously locked in as feminine (I'm uncomfortable having she/her pronouns or feminine sayings towards me or my character really.) But I do wish they would step just a little further lol. I just really wanna know whats up and what have.
Anyway what do you think? Will they add more pronouns, will they remove them and just have one soild one? Other questions inserted that I cannot think of currently?
Update: 2/3 so we've see the character creator and the last page with the face paint it gives us the option to either choose a male character or female, so unfortunately in the end we are genderlocked into only two options for our characters. Now the good thing is is you can change at any time so it lets you be fluid with your character not locking them into one option. But I'm still lowkey sad that my character will only be refrenced to feminine terms or masc ones hm.
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CMV: there is a disturbing tendency of teenage girls in the US claiming to be transgender but are really not

Listening to a podcast featuring abigail shrier, who wrote a book about this topic.
"Their stories follow a pattern: A girl never expresses any discomfort with her biological sex until puberty, when anxiety and depression descend. The girl struggles to make friends. She immerses in social media and discovers transgender gurus. Or her school holds an assembly celebrating gender journeys, or hosts a Gay-Straight Alliance club pushing gender ideology. At first, she tries out a new name and pronouns. Her school encourages her, keeping all this a secret from her parents. Then, she wants more.
So many women were once “tomboys,” as I was — inhabiting femininity itchily, like the floral dress your mother made you wear. But “tomboy” doesn’t exist anymore, as any teenage girl will tell you. In its place is an endless litany of gender categories, from “agender” to “non-binary,” “gender fluid” to “trans.” Imperfectly feminine girls are encouraged to consider their options."
The drastic increase in rate of teenage girls identifying as transgender is documented in a Brown university research scientist:
I think these girls need mental therapy and other guidance but because they claim to be transgender, their underlying issues are undiagnosed and unaddressed and instead the expressions of their disorders adopt an unimpeachable facade through transgender / gender dysphoria.
One possible objection could be that these girls are ACTUALLY transgender but the increase in rate is just from the societal gradual opening and acceptance of transgender people. However, three reasons that I think this explanation is wrong: (1) not nearly comparable in rate of increase in coming out as transgender in other age groups, (2) increase in suicide rates in demographic (while greater acceptance and more transitioning for actual transgenders would indicate lower rates of suicide, (3) not nearly as common in non-friend groups versus friend groups.
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Cis allies can’t wear pronoun pins at my workplace

I’m not going to hide the name of my employer because people should know the truth about this company. I work at Trader Joe’s. For those of you not from the states or just unfamiliar, TJ’s is a quirky specialty grocery store with a hippy, surfer aesthetic (the managers wear Hawaiian shirts). The company is hellbent on being the friendliest, chillest grocery store in the game. We are also ranked in the top five companies for employee satisfaction, due largely to accessibility to benefits.
All of this serves as a preamble to explain why I chose to become a crew member as a new college graduate last summer. I knew I had some gender stuff to work through, and I figured it would be one of the safest workplaces in the retail sphere. While this has largely been true, there has recently been an issue with pronoun pins.
One of my all-time favorite work friends (who also is gay and an active part of the LGBTQ+ community) decided to get us optional pronoun pins with blank spaces to write whatever we wanted. She checked beforehand with the Captain to make sure it was ok, and he said it was fine. For a couple weeks, I lived in a world where many of my coworkers, regardless of their gender, sported pronoun pins. For the first time, I felt comfortable wearing one of my own. I haven’t come out at work yet, so I opted to just write “non-binary.”
It was a huge relief. Every day, I confuse the shit out of customers and embarrass them for “getting it wrong.” I feel horribly guilty because they see me, call me sir, then check my name tag and feel they’ve committed some huge offense. I figured a pin would be a good way to get out in front of those situations. For the weeks I was allowed to wear this pin, I didn’t have a single awkward encounter with a customer. It was heaven.
Then, my boss pulled me aside and told me that I can only wear a pin with pronouns on it, that fits a specific set of size and color requirements. That would be reasonable enough, except he also told me that my cis coworkers are not allowed to wear pins. According to him, “there are so many causes that crew members would like to support” that it’s impossible to allow them to start wearing buttons for any reason other than their being trans. Basically, it’s too political.
At this point I should mention that I’m the only trans crew member at my store. So, if we adhere to these guidelines, I’ll be the only one wearing a pin.
Tonight, I had a great conversation with the previously mentioned crew member and she told me she’s been in contact with the higher ups, and received the response that allowing everyone to wear pins would make it less “special” for those who really need them. I couldn’t fucking believe it. Like I want to be a special goddamn snowflake.
This is all to say to my fellow trans masc folks that if you’re planning to apply at TJ’s because they seem like a chill company, maybe consider looking elsewhere for now. Here’s hoping we get some real change in the future, but for now, shit is wack.
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I have a problem I’ve done this at least twice. Sorry if the pic doesn’t work I still haven’t got the hang of it.

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Devs: Regarding gender — suggestions from a non-binary person

Hi. I’m a non-binary person. At first I was really glad to see that alternative genders were added to the game, but upon closer inspection it kinda seems like it was added by someone who doesn’t know much about it. First of all, having “birth gender” on the person’s card kinda defeats the purpose right? None of us want to be defined by that and it’s not anyone’s business except our doctors. 🤷🏼 But if you must include that then please at least call it what we trans folks do, which is “assigned sex.” Secondly, please please PLEASE drop the neopronouns such as zizem. Most of us go by they/them, and some of us go by gendered pronouns anyway because pronouns do not equal gender. Only a small minority of non-binary individuals use neopronouns. An option to choose pronouns would be MUCH better and very much enjoyed by all. That’s all the suggestions I have for now. Thanks for listening, and please talk and listen to lgbtq people who are the letter that you’re discussing or writing. Thanks. 😊
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Y'know... I feel like I need another label

I feel contented with labeling as agender but there's some things I personally feel uncomfortable with how other members perceive it and express agenderness. It's not them of course the problem is in myself and how I'm probably not really fitting with the community in certain ways so maybe someone here could give me some ideas on what other label (or more than label I would say community) could be more fitting for what I experience.
As I understand it, agender is just not caring for anything gender relater, not even in how you present it or who you are, nothing. You can be agender and change absolutely nothing before or after, not even your likes or presentation, is like you are comfortable being whatever gender you were seen as before (either male or female) and you decide to change that to agender but only by name and people can even keep calling you either or, so nothing's really changed.
My thing is that I DO would like things to change when people hear "oh I'm this" and they'll understand that things are actually going to change, and that I do feel uncomfortable with the things as they are right now.
As I said, maybe I'm not agender then, maybe I mistakenly thought it was going towards that. And I do feel like for me my gender doesn't matter, I don't really care, I could be happy with either or or none or all, but the problem is that others really do care and will make it so nothing changes, all the stereotyping, the preconceptions, how they perceive you, and I'm not really that agreeable and uncaring of that nor feel comfortable with it. Maybe others actually do not care how they perceive them regardless of the gender other sees them as and they can let people still call them she and use dresses, act girly and let others project into them what they already know, but I do care and it directly affects my relationship with people and how they perceive me despite me understanding that gender association shouldn't dictate anything about yourself, and I feel it's way easier to take matters yourself than expect them to understand that they have to change their way of thinking and regardless of gender they have to be respectful and not stereotype, etc, because it comes back to the same thing. No matter what gender you present as others see you as (specifically male and female) they will still treat you like they want. At least that's my reality in the context I am in.
I want to be stripped out of gender altogether so is not either or, is none at all and fuck you, is more like a sign of protest against how much agency they have over you simply by the language. For that same reason I feel like my pronouns are specifically they/them to not leave opportunity to make them anything else. As neutral, separated, and different, like an actual other option that is a different group to male and female and the concept of gender. Is none gender, is none stereotype or none pride over one's vision of uniqueness by how much feminine or masculine you are.
I could probably choose to go by just non-binary but I've seen that that in itself is understood as more like a combination of both male and female so much so that it gets confused but it's still a thing were you add from both, not take out. I would say I'm more comparable to a robot or an AI (the ones that people don't infuse gender in, I hate when they do that, like that one Sophia robot... poor poor child... And more like theta one one because they don't even have a gendered voice), or to a basic blank human.
Maybe I'm more like neutrois but I'm not that versed in their concept of themselves. Or Voidpunk but I too don't know much about them, I think it's just a sarcastic reaction to how people perceive being a human in general.
Some can argue that I could still be agender and it's ok to demand specific things while agender but I think I will be contradictory to the agender cause which is "I just don't care and label me as whatever you want, nothing changes because I'm just me".
Do someone has any suggestions of other labels I could go by? Not for the label itself, that's silly, but for the community, I want to find people like me so I don't feel alone in this.
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Why isn't an opt in policy for pronoun introductions better / more fair than a mandated norm?

Statement of Problem: Right now nonbinary individuals, and non-passing trans people with pronouns that diverge from the social norm assumption of their gender presentation, results in misgendering and ultimately othering. For instance, individuals who use they/them pronouns or neopronouns are by and large going to be misgendered in normal social interactions.
This is obviously a problem that is admirable to strive to come to a solution for.
  1. Pronoun introductions become normalized by every day introductions and interactions. Gender is not assumed until introductions of pronouns. It becomes a faux pas to not introduce pronouns.
  2. Pronoun introductions become normalized by every day introductions and interactions for people who want to opt in. Gender is not assumed until introductions of pronouns.
Both solution 1 and solution 2 have challenges to implement but only 1 has actually negative consequences for a subset of the population.
In order to enact either of these policies, the general population (read cis people) need to not be transphobic. If they are still transphobic, it doesn't matter if pronoun introductions become normalized, you'll still have people being misgendered. This is not a trivial thing. Because adoption of either of these solutions is going to indirectly result in outing trans people, force closeted trans people to be in a difficult situation, etc. As policy adoption will inevitably be opted by trans people first.
However solution 2 at its outset, results in only those people who would already be outed and misgendered by transphobic people continue to be. Instead of forcing passing trans people to also join in the negatives of being non passing.
When both of these solutions come to fruition (i.e. there are no transphobic people anymore), the policies are functionally identical for nonpassing trans people and non binary folk. Meanwhile, solution 1 results in some pretty major negatives for binary trans people (including non passing individuals). It results in very little if any way to validate or quench social dysphoria - certainly there would be no way to figure out what if anything is causing you to not to pass. Whereas solution 2, does not suffer from this issue.
I think one of the things that bothers me most about solution 1, is that it seems like a ton of people who are advocating for the policy are minimizing (and thus silencing) binary trans folk with legitimate complaints about said policy.
tl;dr why is solution 2 not just as viable for solving the above stated problem - and why is solution 1 the only solution your willing to accept?
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CMV: The “they/them” pronoun preference is needed and valid, but it’s also fucking stupid and will never catch on

So first a short anecdote.. I always thought the whole thing with businesses trying to figure out trans bathroom policies went about it the wrong way.. they should’ve just got rid of gendered bathrooms and make more individual bathrooms (similar to family-bathrooms that you see at places like Target). It seems like everyone likes those better. Thinking about this led me to think about how that could be applied to other trans issues.
It occurred to me that as a society we should’ve done a gender-neutral thing for pronouns too (when transgender issues first started to become more accepted and open). I’m sorry but “they/them” is fucking stupid. I know that sounds immature but I do have a few reasons for saying it sucks. And this is even with me being on board with there being more than 2 genders, so I do understand the need for something other than he/she. This isn’t coming from any sort of place of transphobia, I’m making this point because I don’t think the “they/them” is ever going to be effective which I think is a bad thing for enbies or trans people.

I can see how “they” was chosen, because we do use it occasionally when talking about someone where their gender isn’t established.

But the much more common usage of “they/them” is plural... for groups of people. So, this is causing lots of people to use it wrong. They’ll say “they is over there in the kitchen” or ”Them is on my basketball team”. This sounds idiotic because it is idiotic. It’s incorrect. (Everyone is on the same page there.)
I get that it entirely stems from people being grammatically wrong, like really I understand that. In a perfect world they’d accept that they’re incorrect and this wouldn’t even be an issue.
But the thing is the way we are currently talking about gender is very new for a LOT of people. Our society isn’t even in agreement on how many genders exist, or about the difference between sex/gendesexuality, or about some of the most basic facts about transgender humans. I think we can all at least agree that this topic is in its infancy in American culture.
Since this is already a topic that is a fairly radical departure from what has been the norm, why add to the newness and confusion with a shitty pronoun choice that can so easily be used incorrectly?
I get that the English language sucks and this isn’t the only confusing / stupid aspect of English grammar. And again I get that this is really not that hard for people to learn. But I just think it’s a failing strategy to add this specific pronoun choice to the mix.

I really think we should’ve just come up with a new one for all people and got rid of he/she/3rd-option all together.

I know that would be controversial and probably hated by many people. But there are a lot of controversial / hated things that have been rammed down people’s throats, that eventually become accepted by most people.
Take for example, gay marriage. It honestly was not that long ago that people like, say, President Obama, were publicly saying marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Yes, some people still think that now, but they basically keep that to themselves GENERALLY. Yes homophobia still exists. I’m bi so don’t come at me about not understanding that. I’m just saying you gotta be living under a rock to honestly think that it’s not something that’s just a thing now. It’s just understood that most people aren’t going to complain about gay marriage, so people at least stay quiet about their homophobia unless they’re with other homophobes. They don’t want their work / friends / etc to think of them as a homophobe, because most people aren’t these days.
I know that’s not the greatest comparison but I’m just trying to show how radically public opinion can change on something within the span of like under a decade.
So anyway yes people would hate it, but if enough businesses / celebrities / politicians all got on board with it LIKE THEY ARE STARTING TO DO WITH THE IDEA OF DECLARING PRONOUNS, it would work. Yes, people would complain like they are now about declaring pronouns, but especially with today’s hardcore cancel culture, it is possible to silence opposition enough to make something a thing. I know it’s scandalous to mention silencing opposition and I’m not advocating for that, I’m just bringing it up as a way to show that people can and do use that to bring about social change.
You may bring up the zie/ze/xe (and so on) options, but here’s the thing, there’s just way too fucking many of those. I looked it up for the purposes of writing this and every site I looked at said something different. If you want this to work, there definitely cannot be this kind of inconsistency and adding of new terms. People are lazy. If you’re going to change something as fundamental as language (and as common as pronouns), it needs to be VERY simple. As soon as they added more options beyond they/them, I believe it lost any chance of being accepted in culture. That’s why I believe it would be best to just eliminate designating gender through pronouns altogether. One option for any person you could be talking about. Simple.
Also just as a quick random side note... What no one ever really talks about with the pronouns issue is that it’s kinda only relevant when you’re talking about the trans/enby person when they are not part of the conversation. If they were, you’d say “you” or “we” or their name. He/she/they is mainly for when they’re not there. Just an interesting part of it to think about.
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AITA for not giving my ex-MIL "another chance?"

It's been over a year since I announced that I'm non-binary and changed my name and pronouns. My XMIL was living with my ex-husband at the time, but has since moved out of state. I haven't had much contact with my XMIL since she moved - we were Facebook friends for another six months or so, but aren't anymore. But she's had contact with my children, and I know my ex sometimes talks about me.
She's in town visiting, staying with my ex. I hung out with everyone (ex-husband, my kids, XMIL and her husband) about six days ago, and XMIL and her husband dead-named me multiple times. I corrected them, and got the typical "it's so hard to remember, I do it right at home, I'm really bad at this, please forgive me" response from XMIL. She finally got my name right yesterday, but still maintains that "pronouns are hard" and doesn't use the correct ones.
I've never gotten along with this woman in the first place, but we've always been civil. I spend time with her when she visits, mostly for the sake of my kids because they deserve a united family unit. She's going to be staying with my ex-husband for at least another month (her husband is going home though). I don't *really* want to hang out with her, because I don't want to be dead-named/mis-gendered more. She keeps inviting me to go get ice cream and other activities, and I don't want to go, and have to keep politely rejecting her offers. It's awkward, and makes me uncomfortable when she tries to tell me she loves me and other affectionate things.
My ex-husband says I'm being unreasonable and over-dramatic in not feeling emotionally safe around her, and that "she's trying" so I should keep giving her chances. I feel like a year is long enough to have figured it out, and if she hasn't BEEN trying, I don't need to keep inching her along towards respecting and valuing my identity. AITA for not giving her more chances? Am I being overly sensitive?
Important note: My children live with my ex-husband full time. Not because I'm unfit, but because we decided it would be easier for them to stay in one place and for me to go back and forth. It's less expensive for us, since I can have a much smaller apartment, and more stability for them. It's been working out for a year now. I see them almost daily. But the option to avoid my XMIL by avoiding his house completely doesn't really exist.
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Oh god oh no

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Help Me Find Some Visual Novels, Dating Sims, and/or RPGs with these Features

I am looking for some recommendations for visual novels, dating sims, or role-playing video games with visual novel and/or dating sim elements that offer certain features that I've come to enjoy. If anyone is familiar with such games as LongStory, Later Daters, and/or Arcade Spirits, I'm looking for games (preferably indie games) that are similar to those.
The features that I'm looking for are:
Appearance Customization
I like when the protagonist can be customized to at least some degree. Even if it's just being able to change the default name. It's nice if it's possible to choose a male or female appearance as well, and even better if a non-binary appearance is an option as too. A greater bonus would be being able to even customize the main character's look in some way (hair style, haieye color, skin tone, body type, maybe even clothing and/or accessories, etc.).
Personality Customization
I like games where the main character's personality is not set in stone. Either the player chooses the personality from the beginning, or the character's personality starts out as some default but throughout the game can change based on the choices the player makes.
Related to character customization, it's a further bonus if you can choose your own pronouns regardless of what appearance you choose.
I like games that have a diverse cast of friends and potential romance partners, featuring characters of various genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, disabilities, etc.
I like games in which the potential romantic partners don't have a fixed-sexuality, so that whether you choose to play as male, female, or non-binary doesn't affect which characters you can romance throughout the game.
I like games in which it is okay to be involved with multiple romantic partners at a time rather than having to choose just one.
So if anyone has any recommendations of any visual novels, dating sims, or RPGs that have any of those above features I'd really like to know about them.
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Help Me Find Some Visual Novels, Dating Sims, and/or RPGs with these Features

I am looking for some recommendations for visual novels, dating sims, or role-playing video games with visual novel and/or dating sim elements that offer certain features that I've come to enjoy. If anyone is familiar with such games as LongStory, Later Daters, and/or Arcade Spirits, I'm looking for games (preferably indie games) that are similar to those.
The features that I'm looking for are:
Appearance Customization
I like when the protagonist can be customized to at least some degree. Even if it's just being able to change the default name. It's nice if it's possible to choose a male or female appearance as well, and even better if a non-binary appearance is an option too. A greater bonus would be being able to even customize the main character's look in some way (hair style, haieye color, skin tone, body type, maybe even clothing and/or accessories, etc.).
Personality Customization
I like games where the main character's personality is not set in stone. Either the player chooses the personality from the beginning, or the character's personality starts out as some default but throughout the game can change based on the choices the player makes.
Related to character customization, it's a further bonus if you can choose your own pronouns regardless of what appearance you choose.
I like games that have a diverse cast of friends and potential romance partners, featuring characters of various genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions, disabilities, etc.
I like games in which the potential romantic partners don't have a fixed-sexuality, so that whether you choose to play as male, female, or non-binary doesn't affect which characters you can romance throughout the game.
I like games in which it is okay to be involved with multiple romantic partners at a time rather than having to choose just one.
So if anyone has any recommendations of any visual novels, dating sims, or RPGs that have any of those above features I'd really like to know about them.
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21 [F4A] North Carolina - Let’s talk wine!

Hi! So I guess I’ll start by saying the gender in the title is misleading - I am AFAB, but I’m actually non-binary and I use they/them pronouns! Unfortunately there is no option for that.
Okay, if you made it past that, here are some things about me! - I drink wine. I also sell wine! I’d love to talk about it with you! - I also love coffee. Any coffee. All coffee - I have four cats! I’d love to show you pictures! - I write. Fanfiction mostly nowadays but also poetry. If we work out, be prepared for me to write cute poems about you. I might even let you read them! - memes are my love language
If you want to see what I look like, there are selfies on my profile!
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Is it only in my head ?

When I was 24 I thought it would be a clever thing to learn about lgbt+ community. I stumbled upon the term «asexual» and it somewhat matched with lack of interest in having sex. Later I found the aegosexual micro-label (basically, asexual with optional masturbation).
Then I try to figure out what my romantic orientation was. So, I tried to imagine myself in couple with someone and ask what gender I would feel attracted to. I couldn't figure this out, everytime I closed my eyes I was with a partner of a different gender. I think I'm panromantic.
Last but not least: gender. When I read about gender, the part about «feeling male/female» puzzled me. I'm amab, feel closer to man than woman but not close enough to say «I'm a man» without sounding a bit off. I never understood the importance of gendered pronoun (I'm looking masc, everyone uses he/him but I wouldn't care if they changed to she/her or they/them). As long as you show me respect when you refer to me, I don't care the pronouns used. It's that general careless attitude toward gender (I exist, period. Why adding more to it ?) that made me think I could be non-binary. I read on reddit about people calling themself «gender apathetic» or «gender neutral (as an agender synonym)» and I felt like it kind of fits me.
I also like to wear women clothing, but nothing too feminine looking. I'm somewhat walking on the «unisex edge».
Right now I'm single, and I don't wear women clothing in public (awkward parents and crappy/harassing coworkers). So unless I tell someone about it, no one knows. I'm kind of invisible.
Am I the only one in this kind of situation ? I doubt myself/get anxious easily (my heart is on «free jazz» mode). Am I just fucked up ?
PS: Sorry for the lengthy comment, I wrote it as it came to me.
Have a nice day.
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36 questions I have for the trans cult

This is a letter I'm writing up, and once I have it all finalized I'm sending it straight to the High Tranny of Transgenderism. Is there anything I'm missing?
1) What’s the difference between trans-women & men? Is it significant, or are they as obviously identical as I think they are?
2) What are the similarities between trans-women & women? Are they significant, or are they as clearly from different species as I think they are?
3) If you were to tally up the differences & similarities (first comparing trans-women to men, then to women) where would most of the differences lie, & why are they between trans women and real women?
4) Define woman in a way I like. This is a directive and not a question, but it's still fitting.
5) The dictionary defines woman thusly: (noun) 1a: an adult female person
b: a woman belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) —usually used in combination councilwoman
3: distinctively feminine nature : WOMANLINESS
4: a woman who is a servant or personal attendant
5ac hiefly dialectal : WIFE
c: GIRLFRIEND sense 2
6: a woman who is extremely fond of or devoted to something specified
I'm a chocolate woman through and through, but one bite of West's banana pudding cupcake and I was sold. — Hattie Brown Garrow
6) Is a trans-woman male of female, or female of male? Am I speaking English?
7) Is the fully functional male body of a trans-woman simply a birth defect of a female one, or am I not really understanding this whole subject?
8) Is being transgender part of a mental or physical condition? Is it like, actually real, or can I just ignore it if I don't like the idea of it?
9) “Trans-women are women”, is an extraordinary claim, because just freaking look at them. Man handed freaks. This isn't a question
10) Is the statement: “trans-women are men” an extraordinary claim? Would the evidence need to be extraordinary, or is it pretty self-evident as I'm trying to imply without explicitly saying?
11) Trans-women are male – true or transphobic?
12) Is referring to trans-women as biologically male, true, or both true and transphobic?
13) The social majority within the trans movement are gender-conforming, binary trans-women, therefore the trans movement is androcentric – true or transphobic? No, I won't tell you how I came to this conclusion.
14) Michael Jackson was trans white – true or transphobic?
15) Is gynaecology transphobic? What if you spell it gynecology?
16) Is same-sex attraction transphobic, or am I not really understanding the whole thing?
17) Do women’s sports exist because of sex differences between men & women, or because of a “strong, internal sense of self”? I'm not providing a third option for the people who want to answer accurately, it must be one of those two choices.
18) Is a person’s sex or gender more relevant when it comes to women’s prisons?
19) A mother & her 13 year old son are trying to escape an abusive spouse/father. The women’s shelter won’t allow her son in, because even allowing a vulnerable, underage male in the shelter could pose a threat to the women in the shelter, which would defeat the purpose of the shelter. Was this decision reached on the grounds of the boy’s sex, or his “inner sense of self”, which also aligned with his sex in this example?
20) Sex matters more than gender sometimes – inconvenient truth, or “unscientific hate speech”?
21) Is ‘gender’ short for ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender roles’? I don't believe it's a term in and of itself, so don't @ me with that nonsense.
22) Is the feminist tenet “gender is a social construct”, true, or transphobic?
23) A flamboyant gay man may sustain injury, even fatal injury, if he is placed in a facility with other men. Is not allowing the gay man into the women’s facility homophobic? He never asked by the way, just checking.
24) A shelter for battered women is made to protect women from men. A man needs protecting. Is this just question 23 reworded slightly?
25) You & you’re friend find a fox on the run from hunters. You suggest allowing the poor animal into the chicken coup, where it’ll find safety. You’re friend explains that you’d be better off finding a solution that doesn’t endanger the chickens. Is your friend a transphobic bitch? Is this just concentrated stupid? Do I know what your to use in sentences?
26) Do pink brains & blue brains exist? If yes, can we determine the true gender of non-binary people by looking at their brains? I have a scalpel and a flashlight ready to start testing my neighbors,
27) Are women actually cisgender though? Like, you know I don't want that to be a word, right?
28) Which one of the following is transphobic: always assume a trans person’s pronouns based on appearance, or never assume, instead always ask?
29) Human beings reproduce sexually via females supplying eggs & males fertiliser – true or transphobic? Males fertiliser, by the way, on sale at Kroger right now, so this one is time sensitive.
30) Sex is a binary – true, transphobic, or off topic? Like the other questions, there is no false option because it's obviously true.
31) Even if the following is not your opinion, is it misogynistic to say that there is a worrying rise in boob jobs, despite them making people with dysmorphia feel better? This is on topic even if the last question was not.
32) There is a worrying rise in people with dysphoria seeking hormonal & surgical intervention. Is that a fair opinion voicing a legitimate concern, or hate speech? I won't tell you who's worried (it's me).
33) (((The West))) has very proudly declared that African-style surgical intervention of the genitals is a form of mutilation & should be banned on those grounds. However, our own culture also has insidious practices that match the definition of genital mutilation. Circumcision is mutilation – true or anti-semitic? Surgical removal of the glans of intersex people mistaken for girls is mutilation – true or anti-normalisation? Vaginoplasties are mutilation – true or misogynistic? This especially applies to cis women BTW. SRS is mutilation – true, or transphobic? This entire question is racist insanity - true, or (((pancakes)))?
34) Are trans-friendly cultures that group trans-women with gay men, as opposed to with cis women, primitive, & engaging in a transphobic practice, or is there any chance at all that our own culture isn’t superior to theirs & could actually learn from theirs in this case? That is, are trans women actually just men?
35) Anti-androgens increase risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, liver damage, kidney damage, anemia, depression & sexual dysfunction – true or transphobic?
36) Wat is "trans man", some kind of yogurt flavor?
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Being openly NB vs just presenting as gender nonconforming. Is there any point in "being" NB?

Which way have you chosen, and why? I wish that I could just live openly as NB, but it's not very easy due to the way the society works. Everywhere from official documents from dating apps there are only two options. For names, most are 99,5% either men's or women's names (and the rest are "novelty" names that SCREAM "I'm special and different and a rebel"). Almost every person that sees you is going to in their head label you either a man or a woman.
I can't find a way to "make myself more NB" without doing things that are not me. I don't want to cut my hair, or have a crazy haircut with ten different colors. I already wear almost exclusively men's clothes. I bind almost every time I go outside my apartment, except when I'm excercising. I never wear makeup. No one sees me as anything but a plain and boring-looking woman.
I don't even see the point of "identifying as non-binary" if the only thing it affects is inside my own head. As long as I'm read as female (which is 100% of the time), in effect I am a woman regardless of if I like it or not.
If I chose to live as NB, what could I even change? My language doesn't even have gendered pronouns. I don't want a novelty name. What else is there to presenting? Besides, being openly NB would destroy the little chances I might have at finding a partner - bisexuals are hard to find (no, there's no LGBT community in my area where to meet people).
I want to be a more or less normal person, not some special snowflake. But things like having to refer to myself as a woman are horribly uncomfortable. I wish I could have been born 50 years or so later than I was. Society will probably change, but it will happen too late for me.
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I had a debate about race representation in Zootopia and it turned into something more personal. How do I relieve tension?

So I (white AFAB Non-binary, they/them pronouns please) got into an debate with my friend/coworker, we'll call her June (Black Ciswoman), about Zootopia but it kinda got out of control and became something more personal.
It started at work I was talking to another coworker saying I didn't understand one specific line in the movie, June then interjected and explained it to me but followed up and said it's a bad movie. I disagreed with her and we started to debate but it was work and we had to cut it off. a few days later she texted me a link to a video that explained her point. I watched it and the following text conversation happened:
Me: Okay I watched the video. From what I understand, they're saying that the race allegory fails because in their world the prey is justified in fearing predators. is that what you were trying to say?
June: Well yes, but my point now is that he is saying what I was Saying, and instead of listening and taking my word you had to argue with every little thing I said, never actually letting me make my point.
Me: Sorry, I didn't mean to talk over you. However I must ask: how can the preys fear of predators be rational when the predators have no reason to attack? Just because predators have claws and teeth doesn't mean they'll attack because they have no motivation to, and the other prey animals can still be dangerous. Judy is a rabbit who took down a rhino much bigger than her. Isn't saying Judy is right to fear Nick because he's got claws and teeth the same as saying I am right to fear Trent because he's bigger than me and could choke me if he wanted? And the idea that they should fear them because in the past foxes ate rabbits doesn't make sense either because that was a long time ago and the predators don't need to hunt anymore and have no instinct or urge to do it in the present time. Not to mention that was so long ago in their history, the human equivalent would be Neanderthal times. The movie very clearly states they are just as peaceful as prey and the belief their biology sets them apart is unfounded. Even in the natural history museum we see bunnies with sharp teeth and claws meaning. Either way it doesn't seem to make sense why a prey animal should fear a predator. Their fear is based off of what happened in the past or what might happen even though a predator has nothing to gain from hurting them.
June: OP that's why the movie doesn't make sense. If the prey have no reason to fear the predators, why do the predators experience racism? and why is that racism justified by the ACTIVE fear that the prey have for the predators?
because of weird racial bias forced onto the movie by the writers. if there is no logical explanation for the division between predators and prey the only thing left is illogical bias.
Me: Isn't that kinda the point? Racism doesn't make sense in real life do why would it make sense in theirs? I mean if there's a logical explanation as to why people think black people are more violent than white people than I haven't heard it. Isn't the act of discrimination based on a physical characteristic an illogical act?
June: yes, but the way the point is made matters. zootopia BARELY gets the point across because its muddled in weird animal biology. and in real life, racism isn't solved by minorities becoming cops. racism doesn't go both ways. I do not want to debate about this movie anymore OP. You obviously have your mind made up and its literally worth my time trying to convince you. if you enjoy zootopia because it's a fun, silly movie you should have just said that. You're allowed to do that. I'm not going to explain racism to you OP. I don’t know why you're so fundamentally unwilling to listen to me about anything, but I'm done. Goodnight. Actually, no one more thing, why wasn’t me, a black woman, saying that zootopia and it's weird race metaphors made me uncomfortable enough for you to just listen?
Me: Okay, if you don't want to talk about it anymore that's fine. The reason I wanted to talk about it was because I was afraid if I was missing something offensive that would mean I would have something to work in me and I thought if we talked it out it might help me understand and be a better person. Now it's not your responsibility to help me with that and I understand that. I don't really mind if I have to admit it’s a bad movie I just wanted to figure out what I was missing. But okay I'll leave it be. Wait hold on I didn't realize you texted me after telling me to drop it
June: that's fine. You don’t have to reply to anything you don’t want to. And I've explained what you were missing? And you actively argued against it at every turn? Seemingly just for the sake of argument. I even gave you a source that explained better than I could how I felt about and interpreted the movie.
Me: It's not that I'm not listening, I might be bad at that and I'm sorry, but I've been reading your texts here and now and I haven't ignored what you’re saying. We are having a debate, we have opposite opinions, one is wrong so in order to find out who it is we present the reason for our beliefs until one of us can't defend something. If I just accepted what you said then that wouldn't be very smart of me. And isn't believing your opinion on race representation because you’re black rather than your argument behind it a little backwards? I do like arguing but only because I feel it's productive. We are exchanging thoughts and essentially having a battle of wits. I don't really care about winning I care about seeing it through to the end. If I lose I've still learned something.
Look I don't want to upset you and if you really do want to leave it then I'll walk away now I just... I like figuring things out and I thought that's what we were doing here.
June: okay.
  1. You don’t get to decide when you've lost a debate. How does that work? How do you decide that you've lost the debate? Why is it my job to provide you evidence for my experience?
  2. I NEVER WANTED THIS TO BE A DEBATE. I WANTED A CONVERSATION. You forcing me to defend myself on the topic of racism, something I fundamentally have a better understanding of is a microaggression OP.
  3. One of us is not right or wrong because life isn't black and white. This topic isn’t black and white. Literally all you had to do was to acknowledge my feelings about the movie and move on.
And how is my believing my experience (not opinion) backwards? My argument is tied to experience, which most good arguments are.
These aren’t opposite opinions unless your platform is that Zootopia is a perfect movie beyond critique.
This is you telling me I'm wrong.
Me: I'm not trying to force you to do anything, and the debate would just end when one of us couldn't defend something, and it's exactly because you say you having a better understanding that I wanted to talk, I didn't want you to defend your experience I wanted you to tell me your experience so I could understand where you were coming from, but you haven't told me anything about your life or how racism effects you. And I specially said that it wasn't your job to educate me so if you wanted to drop it we could. I was just trying to tell you my thought process so you would understand this comes from a desire to be better and understand not out of malice. My opinion is that it's a good movie and you said "zootopia is a bad movie and does more harm than good and that's just a fact" at work the other day. I don't think it's a perfect movie but our thoughts are very far apart on the spectrum. Yes I think you are wrong about the movie, but that doesn't extend to anything else. And you seem to think I'm wrong. I thought you sending me that link was an invitation to a debate, I misunderstood that, I'm sorry.
June: I understand that debate and argument may be how you process information, but you have to know when that needs to stop and you need to be empathetic to someone trying to let you in on their experiences and how they view the world.
Me: Okay, I'm going to bed now. It's pretty late for me. See you at work.
That was a few days ago, this morning I woke up and found a new text.
June: OP to be perfectly clear, I am no longer talking about zootopia. I'm talking about the way you chose to speak to me. If your intent was really to learn from me, you would not have come at me to debate. You would have checked your own bias and privilege and listened to what I was saying, instead of making weirdly aggressive arguments and asking questions YOU ALREADY HAVE PREDETERMINED ANSWERS FOR. That is not how you speak to someone you're trying to listen to. This is me letting you know, your white fragility (look it up) is showing. this does not require a reply. sit and think about it.
Me: I don't understand, how was I being aggressive? I didn't insult you or tell you were being ridiculous. I was providing you with logical reasons as to why I thought you were wrong, how is that disrespectful? Again, I misinterpreted your text to the link as an invitation to debate. Had you told me all you wanted was for me to accept that you didn't like it I would've dropped it, but I didn't realise that was what you wanted. I would ask anyone to defend their option/belief about something. Remember you interjected yourself into a conversation I was having with someone else and then made a claim. We weren't even talking about the quality of the movie just how I didn't understand one specific line. Then you butted in and changed the subject. You're also telling me you have a better understanding of racism but not telling me how you understand it. It seems like you want me to accept that because your black but being black doesn't make you an expert on race politics. I'm trans and I don't know everything about gender politics. Even if I did I wouldn't use the fact that I'm trans as an argument, I would use research and reason to defend myself. That's what I was asking of you. I thought you were trying to change what I believe about the movie and while I'm open to that I don't change my mind with out a solid reason so I asked you for a reason and if I can provide a good counter argument then it's not a good reason. Again you said "zootopia is a bad movie and does more harm than good and that's just a fact" at work when we first brought it up, that was far more aggressive than anything I've stated here, in this whole conversation I haven't stated anything I've said as I fact. that wasn't you saying how you feel that was you telling me it was a fact. If it is true it's a fact than you should easily be able to explain it. if you are going to make a claim, especially on you know is unpopular, than you should be ready to defend it. An if what you say is true than your race should never even come into the discussion. The truth is the truth if it comes out of you or a white guy. Now if your experience as a black person has given you a perspective and helped you understand it better you are free and welcome to explain that, but Again you never you told me how being black has affected your life or how it changes how you see the movie. How am I suppose to see things from your point of view when you're not telling me what it is beyond how you feel about a movie. There are a lot of black people who like the movie as well. I am listening to you I just don't agree with you. I never asked you to defend your experience as a black woman I asked you to defend your stance on a movie, that was all. I even told you at work that you were allowed to dislike the movie, that was right before you said "zootopia is a bad movie and does more harm than good and that's just a fact" and I let the matter drop then you brought it up again by sending me the link, and we had an argument which is a normal part of human interaction. Now you've brought it up again, why? Do you just want an apology? If that's it I'm sorry I upset you. I didn't mean to, I'm sorry I was a bad listener. But why is it so important that you brought it up again, why do you think that I'm being a problem? If I've disrespected you than point out to me where, but it seems you're either upset because I didn't listen, which I've apologised for multiple times now, our your just upset that I argued against you and think you're wrong. You acuss me of being aggressive and having my mind set in stone but you are the one to start this argument for what is now the third time while I let it drop.
I'm sorry if I disrespected you, I'm sorry if I was a bad listener, I'm sorry I misinterpreted your action as an invitation to debate, I'm sorry if I was racist and disregard you or your story. However I'm not sorry I defended my beliefs. I think zootopia is a good movie and has good race representation. If you think zootopia is a bad movie and has bad race representation you have every right to think that. But if you want me to believe you then you'll have to debate it with me and you'll have to accept that I'll push back because if you can easily sway me then winning me over wouldn't even mean anything.
Look I really don't want to talk about this anymore. I've apologised and explained myself. Please can we let the matter drop already? I just wanted to have a friendly movie debate, this doesn't feel friendly anymore and it's not about the movie.
Me: I'm not sure what you're trying to say, am I the sea lion or the woman?
That was a little bit ago, I haven't gotten a reply since. I tried posting this to AITA but they have a word limit and also i screwed up and posted it without all the info so everyone said I was the AH without the full story. I do have a bad habit of not listening and being very defensive so I’ll concede that I’m guilty of that but I don’t think I was disrespectful, and at one point she said. “racism doesn't go both ways” Which feels like a big red flag to me. I feel like she was the one who wasn’t listening.
How do I relieve tension, put this behind us, and go back to being friends?
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Bigender vs. Genderfluid Transgender and Non-Binary Pronouns! Your guide to gender-neutral pronouns PRONOUNS, DYSPHORIA, PASSING (NON-BINARY) Non binary pronouns and they / them - YouTube

Non-binary: Applies to a person Wikipedia's gender-neutral pronouns page lists 14 "non-traditional pronouns" in English, though three are variants of "ze". offer hundreds of options. The number of people identifying as gender-nonbinary—meaning, as neither male nor female—is on the rise, shifting the diversity conversation and raising new compliance challenges. If you’re asking because you want to know what gender pronouns to use to describe a person, simply ask that (“What are you preferred gender pronouns?” providing options and a fill-in-the-blank). But let’s assume you have thought through that first question and want to proceed with a gender question on your application. Pronouns in the Power of Us Hub. When the Hub recently moved to Lightning, improvements included adding gender pronouns to profiles, such as the one above! “As a nonprofit label intent on amplifying the creative works of women and gender non-conforming artists, using proper pronouns is critical to our mission. The only consistency in my gender identity over the years has been genderqueer, and my non-binary pronouns: ze/hir. Queering language is really important to me. when I first came out as genderqueer in the early 2000’s I learned about non-binary pronouns, and right away began using “ze/hir” as my pronouns.

[index] [24099] [23426] [12575] [15170] [16364] [4201] [20625] [4922] [21956] [4035]

Bigender vs. Genderfluid

Since we came out, several people have asked us to explain the difference between bigender and genderfluid. For more information, see the links below: Nonbinary Wiki ... There's a lot to learn about pronoun usage and gender expression, so my pal Still Life With Apricots And Pears, a non-binary Wrestle Factory graduate, is here to help! ***SHOW NOTES & RESOURCES ... Talking about pronouns, gender dysphoria and passing as cis as a non-binary person. Check out Courtney's Channel: __ BOOKING & INFO: ht... For the record: I have not included every non-binary gender in this video. I have included information about some of them, particularly, the most common ones, but not all of them. Gender is fluid ... Listen as the group discusses what it means to be Non-Binary and the importance of pronouns.

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