How to Buy MoneyPak Online With a Credit Card, Debit Card

Legit places to buy bitcoin with credit card or moneypak(or similar)?

It seems like one by one all the good sites that allow credit card purchases are having issues.
There are a few places I've been unable to determine the legitimacy of like CEO.IX . They have multiple problems on their mining side, but I have seen no complaints about simply buying bitcoin from them with CC.
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm fine jumping through some verification hoops like sending videos of myself holding my cards, but I'm tired of doing it for a company that only allows a tiny amount of money to be used.
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Services • BUY-SELL>>Bitcoin|Target|Ebay|OneVanilla|MoneyPak|BestBuy Walmart|Greendot|Amazon|iTunes|HomeDepot|Steam|Onecard

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Who is a trustworthy vendor on SR to buy a $100 bitcoins with MoneyPak?

I have a $100 moneypak and would like to make a fast purchase of coins but need to know who is trustworthy UPDATE BTC Boss is the man! I paid 100$ for exactly $100 worth of coin absolutely no fees!! Check him out
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Someone contacted me to Buy Bitcoins with MoneyPak. Is this generally a bad idea?

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback, thanks for confirming my fears before I let the lust of greed overtake my common sense END EDIT
I received a message today and talked to this guy on the phone. Everything seemed very familiar to an old email scam:
I'm sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars in moneypak and I need to buy about $10k of BTC daily. I'm willing to pay a premium. My partners and I just want to buy as many BTC before it hits $1000.
I tell this guy that I only deal in cash because I don't know much about moneypak and I've heard that they can be reversed and I don't want to risk it.
He continues to push, but I told him I needed to research before I agree to anything.
So this is a HUGE risk right? I mean, is there any way to ensure that MoneyPak has no possibility of reversal?
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Reliable place to buy Bitcoin with either Credit Card or Moneypak/Reloadit/etc ?

It seems like one by one all the good sites that allow credit card purchases are having issues.
There are a few places I've been unable to determine the legitimacy of like CEO.IX . They have multiple problems on their mining side, but I have seen no complaints about simply buying bitcoin from them with CC.
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm fine jumping through some verification hoops like sending videos of myself holding my cards, but I'm tired of doing it for a company that only allows a tiny amount of money to be used.
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please help :(. I got my moneypak from 7 11 and i wanna buy bitcoins but im fucking retarted.

how do i get bitcoins and transfer it to silk road? is there a manual anywhere? please getting so frustrated
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People buying bitcoins with Moneypak 15% over Mt. Gox price...What's the catch?!

What's up with this? I recently sold a bunch of BTC to someone for Moneypak, 15% over the Mtgox price. Basically getting a free 15%.
The person gives me the moneypak code, i load onto paypal, and THEN I send the BTC. This seems a little too good to be true. In addition, there is no recourse for that buyer once I load it onto my paypal.
Now I'm thinking there has to be a catch...Where is tihs 15% premium I'm getting coming from?
Just sold him $800 worth of bitcoins for $1000...and money is in my account. Too good to be true?
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Anyone have experience buying bitcoins with a MoneyPak?

In my haste I bought a MoneyPak thinking I could use it on localbitcoins. While there are a few traders who accept it, I'm sort of at a loss as to how the whole thing works.
I initiated a trade, but didn't hear back from the trader when I asked how I should get them the money. They probably didn't want anything to do with me since I sounded like a complete idiot most likely.
I also found while browsing posts on /bitcoin.
I'll keep reading, but it doesn't look like I'll be getting coins tonight! That's what I get for rushing through this.
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Buying bitcoins with moneypak no longer an option, other similar methods?

So very recently it seems stores like Walgreens and CVS no longer provide moneypak gift codes to purchase and instead you need a reloadable greendot visa debit card. I use to purchase my bitcoins but I'm not very familiar with any other methods to purchase bitcoins like this greendot reloadable and am confused. (I'm quite new to purchasing btc)
short: Help. Moneypak gone, need suggestion on similar methods to buy btc.
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Short time offer: Buy bitcoins with Moneypak, no fees.

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How to Buy Bitcoins with MoneyPak

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[ANN] btcTrader | Buy MoneyPak with Bitcoins

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Just had both of my Walmart Money Cards cancelled, watch out.

I've been using reloadable Walmart cards for day to day spending for about 4 years now, and it has been an easy way for the last year or so to trade BTC for Moneypaks to help with paying bills and day to day stuff.
Yesterday I noticed my primary card wasn't working (trying to pay for my storage unit). After I called them up, it turns out they locked my account due to adding two $500 reloads last week. The rep asked "why did you buy two, when you could have just bought one?". I started telling him that I'd had problems with the people at the local Walmart in the past, not believing you could load more than $500 (this seriously happened last year, they even called their manager to talk to me, who told me the same thing, and made me buy two $500 cards). He then unlocked the funds on my card, and told me that once the balance was zeroed, the card would be cancelled.
So I still had a spare $500 MoneyPak, which I had to then load onto my secondary card (I use it to keep track of my kid's allowance). My wife was standing inline today at Costco, where that card was now declined. I've spent the last 45 minutes on hold and talking to their customer service reps again, and it looks like my identity was flagged and the account was locked for the same reason, "suspicious activity". I asked what happened, what changed, since I have been doing this for years now, and after he had to escalate the call to his boss, the response was "The Compliancy Department flagged your account(s) for suspicious behavior". He then unlocked the balance on this card, and told me that once it was used up it would also be deactivated, and that I was now no longer permitted to use their reloadable visa service again.
tl;dr Watch out if you use reloadable cards from Walmart for MoneyPaks.
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Bitcoin is set to be exposed to 16M+ people in t minus 40 minutes.

That is all.
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What are some anonymous ways of buying bitcoin?

I want to purchase bitcoins but i don't feel comfortable giving personal information to obtain my coins.
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Bought $400 worth of bitcoins, sent them to my SR deposit address, almost 24hrs and no coins?!

So I was talking with someone on ebay, who sells bitcoins, she has 100% feedback and sells bits, been a member of ebay for 3 yrs..., I offered her $400 for 4 bits but said we can do it outside of ebay listing so shes not charged fees, and i get a bit of a discount..We emailed back and fourth on ebays message system so i have proof that I sent the moneypak and proof she says she sent the 4 bits, I gave her my Silk Road deposit address : 1BRcvUBoQPZSMuYiK3U5VLzEdxtzFTosnF this was at midnight last night, and still no coins,,,whats up? did i do something wrong, can it be fixed? I don't believe she scammed me but the coins aren't there so whats the deal? any help would be great, Im not super computer savvy, I usually buy the coins on SR but they are expensive with the % they take out. Please someone help !!
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/u/nter Rep Profile

rep profile #4
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Cult of Turtle - 38 lessons for safe Bitcoin trading from #bitcoin-otc IRC


#bitcoin-otc is a trading channel on the Freenode IRC server that has existed since 2011 and is still around today. It's been a well known hub among Bitcoin traders, buyers and sellers and the chatroom has helped facilitate tens of thousands of trades across its lifespan.
Across its lengthy existence, many important lessons in safe trading have been learned by its members. One of its members has compiled a great deal of wealth into a document known as "Cult of Turtle", which contains 38 of the most valuable tips you could keep in mind when trading.
The list has been around for years now, and has been proven time and time again to be extremely accurate. (and tounge-in-cheek partly)
I've left all of the tips and original phrasing to preserve the original feeling of the guide - but for Reddit's benefit, I've highlighted the most relevant ones that are also extremely applicable when trading on Reddit or elsewhere. (and omitted several less relevant ones)
Hopefully this wealth of knowledge will help improve your resiliency to scams and scammers. :)

Cult of Turtle - 38 lessons for safe Bitcoin trading from #bitcoin-otc IRC

2. Never trade with someone who doesn’t have a long and good AND RECENT trade history (check ;;gettrust, ;;events).
5. Never lend bitcoins. you will probably never see them again. As Coolio- used to say “Loans are a gift”.
8. Don’t talk about your money, worth, or wealth
9. Don’t leave large sums in shared or online wallets (or other online games or services)
11. If someone is scammer tagged, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. it might feel weird to consider someone guilty until proven innocent, but it will save your coins.
12. High yield investment programs (HYIP) or loans are pretty much always scams. think about it. if it sounds too good to be true…
13. Never let someone control your computer (teamviewer scams). Don’t install anything suspicious on your computer (trojans, viruses). Ideally have a clean dedicated computer for your transactions. Wipe that computer regularly.
14. There are no tricks to avoid chargebacks on paypal, credit cards, moneypak, dwolla, banks, etc. some services might be harder to chargeback, but nothing is immune.
15. People with good reps can turn bad or get in a bad spot. having a good rep does not mean they will never scam.
16. Break up large transactions into smaller ones, preferably with multiple people
18. Don’t trust someone who can’t speak proper English or your language of choice. this may sound classist, but your money is on the line; trade with professionals or reputable people
22. Don’t trust fast talkers, sweet talkers, smooth talkers. don’t be swayed by emotion or inability to think. a good deal is rarely time sensitive.
23. If someone gets agitated when you ask questions, they were probably trying to scam you
25. Many people offer escrow. use it. BUT ONLY IF YOU TRUST THE PERSON OFFERING ESCROW.
27. Don’t trust gamblers, addicts, or people who are constantly broke
30. Someone buying just to build ratings is suspicious. this goes for the OTC, btcjam, or anywhere else. beware.
31. Don’t use paypal. come on. people tell you this all the time. and for a reason. it’s easy to get scammed by people using paypal. and it’s easy for paypal to freeze your assets and hold your money for 180 days. [same applies for ebay]
32. You will eventually hear someone say “come on, it’s not like I’m going to scam someone for just $___”. yes. someone would scam for that amount. don’t fall for it
34. People with non-random X ending their name are highly likely to be a scammer have you ever noticed that everyone with names ending in a random x is highly likely to be a scammer? freefox <– non-random thetruthx <— random also, framing x’s are not so random xFBASTAGEx <– not so random
35. Unsolicited messages/spam/requests to trade are almost always scams.
36. Trust your gut. if someone gives you a bad vibe, there’s probably a reason. be safe rather than sorry
38. Nobody listens to turtle
You can find the full source on one of the mirrors: (or but seems like that ones hosting expired)
Which tips from this list are your favourite, have helped you prevent scams, or are completely new to you? Comment below and share your insight with others. :)
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I bought BTC using my real info..

SO. I bought ~$300 worth of bitcoins earlier and I used my real information. I know buying bitcoins isn't illegal, but just how easily can they be traced back to me? I'm planning on running them through a number of different instawallets.
Any other tips? Thanks.
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Wanting to buy with my debit/credit card... why is this such a pain in the ass?

I'm just wanting to plunk down a bit. Why is this proving to be so difficult to just buy with credit/debit card? Or better yet, how/where do I go to just do this now?
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Moneypak vendor with the lowest fee and quick turnover time?

Due to the bullshit with buying bitcoins now, I've resorted to moneypak vendors here on the road. I have yet to find a reliable, fast, and non-greedy vendor that can provide this service. The fees some of these guys are asking for are absolutely insane. 20% under $500? That's robbery.
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[SELLING] LTC for Cash deposits, Moneypak, Western Union

Hello all,
I am selling Litecoin at 11% of the cryptsy USA price (litecoin wedget easy to track). Payment options include:
Moneypak Western Union or Moneygram Cash Deposits (BOA, 5/3rd, Suntrust, BB&T, PNC)
PM to set up a trade.
My localbitcoins account is here:
My litecoinlocal account is here if you want to use escrow:
Happy trading!
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how To Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase 👉 How To Buy Bitcoin With ... Buy bitcoins fast and easy with a moneypak (Created with @ How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners BITCOIN DROPPED, WHY? BIG MONEY PLAYERS BUY 20,000 BTC!!! Wirecard Drama Explained. Crypto News 2020 Moneypak to Bitcoin

MoneyPak is an excellent way to cash out of bitcoin where you then use that MP to reload a debit card or PayPal, for instance. But MoneyPak is a horrible way to try to buy bitcoins. Here's why: The problem is no commercial service can accept MoneyPak as payment for the purchase of bitcoins. Green Dot doesn't want that happening. You can’t buy a MoneyPak with a credit card, debit card, personal check, PayPal, or anything other than cash. If you head over to the Green Dot website to learn more about MoneyPak, note that you might see information about paying with PayPal or check — these methods have to do with the Green Dot card, which we talk more about below, and Buy a MoneyPak at thousands of retailers nationwide including 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Walgreens and more. Scratch off the secure MoneyPak number on the back of the package to get started. 1st time users will create a new account. Like any financial services product, personal information is required for identity verification PayPal MyCashCard, VanillaReload, MoneyPak greendot-card, PaySafeCard, buy online with Bitcoin. Buy Itunes Gift Cards with PM and Bitcoin . NYXBT . Skrill promotions . Bitcoin exchange rate: BTC/USD-9492.86, BTC/EUR-8192.61, BTC/GBP-7447.45, BTC/CNY-66587.64, BTC/AED-35.09. Instant Bitcoin Exchange at Market Rate 24/7. How To Buy Bitcoin With MoneyPak On Paxful Summary. Create an account with Paxful. Verify your account. Go to “Buy Bitcoin” and look for MoneyPak. Open a trade with the vendor and complete the terms. Receive bitcoins directly into your Paxful wallet. That’s it! You have successfully purchased bitcoin with MoneyPak as the payment method.

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how To Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase 👉 How To Buy Bitcoin With ...

Once you buy the bitcoin, you can have the exchange hold your crypto. Alternatively, you can transfer for your funds to a wallet. The exchange and wallet of choice for this video is Coinbase. buy bitcoins credit card - Bitcoin 101 How To Buy Get Your First Bitcoins - Duration: 16:58. ... Learn about the Green Dot MoneyPak - Duration: 1:21. GDMoneyPak 46,413 views. -can you buy bitcoin with credit card on blockchain -how to buy bitcoin with debit card Youtube is the best place to visit when looking for videos about how to buy bitcoin on coinbase. is offering a complete marketplace for users to buy and sell their e-products, exchanging vouchers of Ukash, Paysafecard, iTunes, UGC, The site also offers e-currency exchange ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue

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